To go where no man has ever gone……

That’s right.   We went to see Star Trek today.   First let me say I am not a science fiction fan but let’s face it I grew up on the original Star Trek.   So science fiction or not, it’s part of my childhood.   I had no real excitement to see the movie when I first heard it was coming out.   Then I heard a few people talking about how good it was and had someone else who went to see it two times in about that many weeks.   lol   I decided I needed to see it on the big screen.   It is good.   It grabs you from the first minute and except for one brief moment, keeps your attention the entire movie.   I read somewhere else that the movie stayed true to the old Star Trek and that is 100% true.   And without revealing too much there is a blending of the old with the new.   I loved it and would highly recommend it.   It is the best movie I’ve seen in a long while.

Knitting front:   Still plugging away with the Lisa Souza Hardtwist Petite…again I can’t begin to say how much I enjoy knitting with that yarn.   I’m going to get more in August since she’ll be at Sock Summit.  Yay!

Don’t have anything more.    Oh wait…knit on and prosper!   😉


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