Ok, the reason I don’t blog very often is because most often I am lacking content.   I spare you from hearing the details of the daily grind at work and you should thank me for that.  😉   I am knitting most days but when working on a piece that goes on forever and ever I don’t really want to clutter up hard drive space and webspace showing yet again another picture of the same scarf I showed you last time.   All of this to say I’m going to start participating in Ten on Tuesday!!!!  

Here it is Ten on Tuesday .  The theme for this week is 10 Things You’d Bring on a Deserted Island. 

1.  A nice tall man (emphasis on nice).

2.  Lexi (and she may be number 1 if the tall man isn’t nice but I digress)

3.  Sun screen because I have the complexion of a red head.

4.  Ten tons of bottled water (btw did you know that you can use the empty bottles so that condensation can form resulting in a water supply?  just saying).

5.   My pillow (are you getting the drift that my comfort takes a priority here?)

6.  Materials with which to knit and that includes every needle I own, every skein of yarn I own, all patterns and every implement needed.  Whew!   And those of you who have a clue about my stash know I could knit for a year or more on my stash alone.  🙂

7.   Many books including one entitled “How to Survive on a Desert Island. 

8.  Carmex (the lipstick variety)

9.  Bug spray (yes, I’m a woosie when it comes to insects).

10.  My favorite knitting peeps (and you KNOW who you are)!

Knit on and prosper!


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