Ten on Tuesday

Yes, I skipped last week.   The theme was sports.   If you know me well at all you know sports are not my ‘thing’.   🙂  

The theme for Ten on Tuesday this week is 10 Guilty Pleasures on TV.  I can do this!!

1. Right now…..I watch Frasier almost every weeknight at 10:30.   Yes I’m well past repeats but once in awhile I see an episode I missed some how some way.   But that show does make me laugh.  

2. Big Brother.   The first time I heard the pitch for it I rolled my eyes and wondered how on earth someone could come up with a show like this.   I watched and I’m addicted.   Every summer when the new show comes on I think there can’t be a group of folks more repulsive or immature.   I also think why am I watching this?   And I continue to watch and am thoroughly addicted.   No more explanation.   Sorry.

3.  2.5 Men.    Silly show with adult innuendo.   It makes me laugh.

4. Dancing With the Stars (which is not on right now).   I grew up wishing I could dance.   We didn’t have extra money when I was growing up so once we did I had a choice:   piano or dance lessons.   Piano trumped because the piano would go in my room, an object I could see, touch and play every day.   I still wish I could dance and love watching others do the intricate steps on DWTS.

5. Project Runway.   Another show that isn’t on at the moment but I love seeing the fashion unfold, the drama of the queens and the gals and well…need I say more?  

6. Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.   As a kid, taking vacation was exciting but we either had to take the cheap route (staying in the camper and eating sandwiches) or we had to eat in a known chain place.   Daddy didn’t like taking chances with an unknown when it came to food.   So as an adult I get to play by my rules and those are:   you can’t eat at a place you have at home.   DDD tells me about places that I might visit someday.   Plus I love seeing how some of this stuff is made. 

7. The Next Food Network Star.   I only discovered this show the season Aaron McCargo won.   I so wished I could have seen the season with Guy Fieri.   This particular season seems to have several contestants who don’t quite get it.  

8. Desperate Housewives.   I love it.   No explanation.  

9. Gray’s Anatomy.   I don’t love it like I used to.   I honestly think this show would be great without Meredith and McDreamy for that matter.   I am glad Izzie is coming back.  

10. The Newlyweds.   I like this show.   I love how they put the couples through the steps to see how well they communicate and work together.   It’s also funny.  


I’m sure there are many other shows I watch more than the 10 listed above but none are popping into my head at the moment.


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