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Ten on Tuesday

July 28, 2009

Today’s theme is ten sounds you love to hear.   Ok, this should be easy peasy.  🙂

1.  Sometimes when Lexi is napping in the chair next to me, she’ll wake up, make this trilling kind of meow and raise her head to me.   She wants me to pet her for a second and then she lays her head down and goes back to sleep.   Hearing her do that warms my heart.

2.  I love the sound of her paws/claws on the carpet when she is playing.

3.  I love the sound of my friends’ laughter.  

4.  I love hearing a shower singer.   I don’t hear that often but when I do it makes me smile.

5.   This is old but when I was a kid I couldn’t go to sleep until I heard the Johnny Carson theme playing.   After it was over or during I’d close my eyes and go to sleep.   Daddy always watched Johnny Carson every week night and I didn’t realize until I was 11 or so how hard it was to go to sleep on the weekends.   lol  

6.  This is another old one.  I can remember riding in the back seat when I was a kid and hearing the clop clop clop of the tires when we’d go over a seam in the highway.   I guess there were bunches of them between Tulsa and Sapulpa because I would drift off to sleep hearing that sound.  

7.  This is a brand new one….but the video on You Tube of Jill and Kevin’s wedding.   I’ve watched that video at least 17 times now and I love the music and it becomes an ear worm.   It makes me smile just thinking about it.

8.   This one voice.   It calms me and is soothing to hear and I feel all is right with the world when I hear it.  

9.  A baby’s laugh.   It is infectious.  

10.  A song I can sing along to.   Sorry….way too many to list just one.  

What sounds do you like to hear?


Gotta see this….

July 23, 2009


This has to be the best way to start a wedding….Enjoy!!

Ten on Tuesday

July 22, 2009

Ok, so I’m a day late.   Tuesdays are usually difficult but easier than Mondays…anyway here goes:

Ten Favorite Places to Eat:

1.  Wildfire in Schaumburg, Illinois.   Marjie and I had the best steak I’ve ever had last August.   We tried Wildfire in Atlanta and it was not the same.   The Illinois location had steak that was butter smooth and melted in your mouth.   Yum.

2.  Lou Malnati’s Pizza again in Schaumburg, Illinois.   (Someone told me Chicago had some great food and they were not wrong.)   I grew up on cracker thin pizza and that is my preference.   This is not cracker thin pizza.   It’s deep dish in all it’s glory.   Butter seemed to permeate the crust.   Lordy, was it good.

3.  La Hacienda in Lewisville, Texas.   I have only eaten there once but it was the best fajitas I’ve ever had.   From what I’ve read online, this restaurant is owned by the same family who had the old Mariano’s restaurants in DFW area.   La Hacienda is a steak house with a few Mexican dishes.   The building is a huge log cabin with a spacious porch and at least one nice rocker.   We had to wait for quite awhile but it was worth every minute of it.

4.  Exit Coneys!!!   Ok, that isn’t the real name but that is what we’ve dubbed them.   Coney I-lander in Tulsa.   Please make note of the name.   There are many others who try to ride on the coattails by using a similar name but this is the place with no S in the name.   There are several locations across Tulsa.   My fave is off 41st and Yale BEHIND the Barnes and Noble.   One of my earliest memories of Tulsa was in the original location that used to be on 4th street.   I remember my Daddy picking me up and putting me into one of the old school desk seats and asking me what I wanted on my coney.   Needless to say that was many years ago.   Daddy used to joke that the downtown location was THE BEST because the elderly man who made up those coneys had bad vision and had to breathe on the coney in order to fix it.   🙂   (No offense…..)   Anyway, all these years later and I’ve managed to hook some OKC folks (you know who you are) on these delicious gems.   Try ’em, you’ll like ’em.  

5.  Ron’s Hamburgers.   Another Tulsa chain.   And I will tell you not all are created equal.   The best location for taste is 15th and Lewis.   It isn’t easy to park nor easy to get a seat (counter seats only) but damn those burgers are good.   The Spanish fries are good also.   Hand cut not frozen.   Yum.  

6.  Pappadeaux’s.   I’m sad to say Oklahoma does not have this chain.   And that is our loss.   I ate at Pappadeaux’s in Atlanta.   I ordered the chicken breast and Marjie ordered fried shrimp.   We split and shared.   The chicken breast was very good but the shrimp was to die for.  

7.  Pappasito’s Cantina.   I’ve eaten at two of these now, one in Atlanta and one in Richardson, Texas.   This is a Pappa’s family chain.   Again the reason I say it is one of my faves is because of the shrimp.   Order fajita’s with the brochette of shrimp.   Jalapeno stuffed inside shrimp wrapped in bacon.   Need I say more?

8.  Paradise Bakery in Denver.   This is the only store I’ve visited.   We ate breakfast there when we did our massive yarn crawl across Colorado in May of 2008.   Get the oatmeal.   Yes, the oatmeal.   They serve steelcut oats in a freshly baked oatmeal cookie with a spread of sliced strawberries on top.   Oh. My. God.   It is good.   Again no locations in Oklahoma. 

9.  Elmer’s.   It Be Bad.   This is a bbq joint in Tulsa.    I highly recommend the Badwich.   It is a bun topped with bbq bologna, chopped brisket, one hot link and a rib on the side.   It also comes with two choices of sides.  Elmer passed away a few years ago.  Honestly, I haven’t eaten there since I moved to the OKC area but I remember it fondly.  

10.  Ok, here’s one for the OKC folks.   Bricktown Burgers.   It has a great onion burger.   The sad thing is it is only open for lunch Monday through Friday.   Needless to say I haven’t enjoyed one since I started working in Norman.  

I know this list would be different at a later time….but for now….that is it.

Knit on!

Sunny Sunday

July 12, 2009

Since the announcement that Paul McCartney is coming to Tulsa, I started thinking about all the concerts I’ve attended.   My first was The Monkees back in 1967.   My last was Alabama probably in the mid 80’s.   In between I’ve seen John Denver, Mack Davis, Paul Revere and the Raiders, The Turtles, Lionel Richie, Helen Reddy, Tina Turner, Kenny Rogers, Elvis Presley.   I’m sure there are few more (I wasn’t really into attending concerts).   I think  Tina Turner’s show was  hands down, the best I ever saw.   That woman put on the THE best show I’ve ever seen in person.   Why not Elvis?   Back when he came to Tulsa in 1976, ‘in the round’ concept had not really come to Tulsa.   Let me preface what I’m about to say with this:   I was not a big Elvis fan.   I appreciated that he was a great singer and entertainer but I didn’t get excited and giddy like I would for others.   I knew that I may as well go and see him so I could say I saw Elvis in person.   I had a coworker who was a HUGE fan and she was going to spend the night outside the ticket doors the night before tickets went on sale.   I decided what the heck…I’ll stay with her.   And I did.   It was chaos at best.   Long story short, the sellers refused to let us see a floor map and we ended up with about 12th row seats.   Unfortunately we were on the almost back side of the stage.    That part of the stage was stacked with coils and coils of hose/line of some type.   Elvis had to carefully pick his way over these coiled cords so that he was facing us.   Needless to say he didn’t spend most of this time on that part of the stage.   Big disappointment.

So I have this question for everyone, what is THE greatest/best concert you ever saw?

I guess the other huge news of the week was MJ’s  memorial service.   To me, it was more like a show.   When Jennifer Hudson had dancers swaying around her while she sang, it became entertainment.   I was thinking earlier while seeing some memorial type service on tv this morning….back in the early 80’s when his star was really on the rise, my then brother in law (who had his own graphic arts business) was approached by MJ’s people.   He was asked to do the art on the album cover for MJ’s next album.   I cannot for the life of me remember if it was for what would be the Thriller album or the one after.   My brother in law turned it down.   Why?   Because MJ’s people had one request:   that my brother in law do the work for free.   I guess they felt the mere honor of being asked and doing it for MJ was payment enough.   Tacky.

Knitting news:   I bought some Prism Saki yesterday in the Tumbleweed colorway.   I LOVE this color.   Being the fickle knitter that I am, I wound it and cast on last night for Anne Hanson’s Ostrich Plume Stole.

I had a great afternoon yesterday meeting with a bunch of knitting friends.   We always have the best show-n-tell when it comes to yarn, bags, implements and WIP’s and finished objects.   I guess we are also a bunch of enablers… sure does send us into a frenzy of writing down patterns and websites…that is for sure.

I took these pictures of Lexi earlier this week.   These were taken first thing in the morning when the east sun is pouring in through the windows.   This little kitty watches to see when it hits the floor and she lays in the beam.  Smart girl.

Stay warm and knit on!

Ten on Tuesday

July 7, 2009

The theme for Ten on Tuesday this week is 10 Things That Turn You Off About People.  Uh oh.   Here we go:

1. Liars.   I may not call you on it but I can tell.

2. Lack of manners.   I’ll say this again:   There ain’t nuthin more attractive on a man (or anyone else for that matter) than good manners.

3. Arrogant people.

4. A smart ass who isn’t smart enough to know when to shut up.

5. People who don’t take good care of their pets.

6. People who drive in the left lane.   Drive right, pass left.

7. People who see the glass as always half empty.

8.  Those who are always the victim no matter what the situation.

9. Fake, plastic, phony, needy of attention people.

10. People who talk too loud or too much and dominate conversations.

Ok, that was pretty much a downer.   Better than sports….but not much fun.   🙂

Happy 4th of July!

July 4, 2009

Not much going on here.   Believe it or not I am doing laundry and some spring cleaning about 3 months past due.  🙂

On the knitting front:  I am only 14 inches from completing the Lisa Souza Hardtwist Petite scarf.   And as usual I had to cast on something else:   The Berroco Mica scarf called Courant.   I have a confession.   I do not like the yarn.   I do however love the finished fabric.   The drape will be gorgeous.  I cast on the amended 84 stitches only to frog the 5 or 6 inches I had completed.   In order to get the 64 inch length the pattern calls for I’d have to go buy 3-4 more skeins.   I had to think about that and decided it was foolish to buy 3-4 more skeins of yarn I really don’t like.   So I frogged it and cast on 68 stitches.   It will still be wider than the average scarf.  It will still have enough width to show that lucious drape.   But hopefully it will be doable without buying more yarn.

I have pictures of my garden.   Yes it is only a container garden but I still have pretty flowers, one green tomato and loads of white pepper blossoms plus some fragrant lavender.  In the picture of my tiny tomato you see a glimpse of yarn.    My tomato is being stalked!!!   I have these huge starlings hanging out on the fence top like vultures.   I’ve run out to scare them off several times.   I don’t know if they are waiting for the tomato to ripen or if they have not spotted it yet since it still blends in.   But those birds are NOT getting my tomato!   I need to go get some bird netting but until then the strands of yarn (Cascade 220 for those of you who want to know  😉 ) are fluttering in the wind and seem to be keeping them away.   They may wise up.   I’m getting bird netting.   lol

See that picture of the red job ticket holder?   Sheri of The Loopy Ewe tripped us onto that idea.   Marjie and I were considering ordering some when Marjie realized there was a store close to her girls.   She made a call to Jamie and she ran over and got them for us.   Yay Jamie!   Btw, the postage from Dallas to Pauls Valley was going to be $11!!   Ridiculous.   Anyway, back to the job ticket holders.   They are 9 x 12 so a bit larger than a sheet of paper.   They are clear front and back so you can read a two sided pattern if necessary.   They are sturdy enough to stand up.   Oh that reminds me….that green thing holding it….it is a Page Up.   I bought that at Office Ma*.   It is great for holding your pattern upright so you can read it as you knit.   I was delighted to see that the Page Up would hold the thicker job ticket holder.   (Can you tell I am in love with supplies?   lol)

This heat is horrible.   I can’t wait for the cool front to come through this afternoon.   In the meantime, Lexi is laying around under the fan so she doesn’t work up a sweat.  lol   That’s ok cause her mama is sweating enough for the both of us.

Stay cool and knit on!