Happy 4th of July!

Not much going on here.   Believe it or not I am doing laundry and some spring cleaning about 3 months past due.  🙂

On the knitting front:  I am only 14 inches from completing the Lisa Souza Hardtwist Petite scarf.   And as usual I had to cast on something else:   The Berroco Mica scarf called Courant.   I have a confession.   I do not like the yarn.   I do however love the finished fabric.   The drape will be gorgeous.  I cast on the amended 84 stitches only to frog the 5 or 6 inches I had completed.   In order to get the 64 inch length the pattern calls for I’d have to go buy 3-4 more skeins.   I had to think about that and decided it was foolish to buy 3-4 more skeins of yarn I really don’t like.   So I frogged it and cast on 68 stitches.   It will still be wider than the average scarf.  It will still have enough width to show that lucious drape.   But hopefully it will be doable without buying more yarn.

I have pictures of my garden.   Yes it is only a container garden but I still have pretty flowers, one green tomato and loads of white pepper blossoms plus some fragrant lavender.  In the picture of my tiny tomato you see a glimpse of yarn.    My tomato is being stalked!!!   I have these huge starlings hanging out on the fence top like vultures.   I’ve run out to scare them off several times.   I don’t know if they are waiting for the tomato to ripen or if they have not spotted it yet since it still blends in.   But those birds are NOT getting my tomato!   I need to go get some bird netting but until then the strands of yarn (Cascade 220 for those of you who want to know  😉 ) are fluttering in the wind and seem to be keeping them away.   They may wise up.   I’m getting bird netting.   lol

See that picture of the red job ticket holder?   Sheri of The Loopy Ewe tripped us onto that idea.   Marjie and I were considering ordering some when Marjie realized there was a store close to her girls.   She made a call to Jamie and she ran over and got them for us.   Yay Jamie!   Btw, the postage from Dallas to Pauls Valley was going to be $11!!   Ridiculous.   Anyway, back to the job ticket holders.   They are 9 x 12 so a bit larger than a sheet of paper.   They are clear front and back so you can read a two sided pattern if necessary.   They are sturdy enough to stand up.   Oh that reminds me….that green thing holding it….it is a Page Up.   I bought that at Office Ma*.   It is great for holding your pattern upright so you can read it as you knit.   I was delighted to see that the Page Up would hold the thicker job ticket holder.   (Can you tell I am in love with supplies?   lol)

This heat is horrible.   I can’t wait for the cool front to come through this afternoon.   In the meantime, Lexi is laying around under the fan so she doesn’t work up a sweat.  lol   That’s ok cause her mama is sweating enough for the both of us.

Stay cool and knit on!


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    Michelle Says:

    I like your garden. I didn’t manage any plants this summer.

    I came by Gourmet Yarn Monday on my way home from Missouri – didn’t realize they were moving! I am coming through again in early August and will be glad to see the new store.

    Have a good holiday!

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