Sunny Sunday

Since the announcement that Paul McCartney is coming to Tulsa, I started thinking about all the concerts I’ve attended.   My first was The Monkees back in 1967.   My last was Alabama probably in the mid 80’s.   In between I’ve seen John Denver, Mack Davis, Paul Revere and the Raiders, The Turtles, Lionel Richie, Helen Reddy, Tina Turner, Kenny Rogers, Elvis Presley.   I’m sure there are few more (I wasn’t really into attending concerts).   I think  Tina Turner’s show was  hands down, the best I ever saw.   That woman put on the THE best show I’ve ever seen in person.   Why not Elvis?   Back when he came to Tulsa in 1976, ‘in the round’ concept had not really come to Tulsa.   Let me preface what I’m about to say with this:   I was not a big Elvis fan.   I appreciated that he was a great singer and entertainer but I didn’t get excited and giddy like I would for others.   I knew that I may as well go and see him so I could say I saw Elvis in person.   I had a coworker who was a HUGE fan and she was going to spend the night outside the ticket doors the night before tickets went on sale.   I decided what the heck…I’ll stay with her.   And I did.   It was chaos at best.   Long story short, the sellers refused to let us see a floor map and we ended up with about 12th row seats.   Unfortunately we were on the almost back side of the stage.    That part of the stage was stacked with coils and coils of hose/line of some type.   Elvis had to carefully pick his way over these coiled cords so that he was facing us.   Needless to say he didn’t spend most of this time on that part of the stage.   Big disappointment.

So I have this question for everyone, what is THE greatest/best concert you ever saw?

I guess the other huge news of the week was MJ’s  memorial service.   To me, it was more like a show.   When Jennifer Hudson had dancers swaying around her while she sang, it became entertainment.   I was thinking earlier while seeing some memorial type service on tv this morning….back in the early 80’s when his star was really on the rise, my then brother in law (who had his own graphic arts business) was approached by MJ’s people.   He was asked to do the art on the album cover for MJ’s next album.   I cannot for the life of me remember if it was for what would be the Thriller album or the one after.   My brother in law turned it down.   Why?   Because MJ’s people had one request:   that my brother in law do the work for free.   I guess they felt the mere honor of being asked and doing it for MJ was payment enough.   Tacky.

Knitting news:   I bought some Prism Saki yesterday in the Tumbleweed colorway.   I LOVE this color.   Being the fickle knitter that I am, I wound it and cast on last night for Anne Hanson’s Ostrich Plume Stole.

I had a great afternoon yesterday meeting with a bunch of knitting friends.   We always have the best show-n-tell when it comes to yarn, bags, implements and WIP’s and finished objects.   I guess we are also a bunch of enablers… sure does send us into a frenzy of writing down patterns and websites…that is for sure.

I took these pictures of Lexi earlier this week.   These were taken first thing in the morning when the east sun is pouring in through the windows.   This little kitty watches to see when it hits the floor and she lays in the beam.  Smart girl.

Stay warm and knit on!



  1. 1
    Michelle Says:

    Several good concerts – John Denver in Lubbock, Cher in Dallas, Don Williams at the fair in Amarillo. I have group of friends I travel with, and we try to find concerts; we went to see Aerosmith in Kansas City. It was fun, but it was outside and the heat index was 116.

  2. 2
    socksformum Says:

    Judging from the concerts you have been to we must be around the same age..LOL. I will look forward to seeing your Ostrich Plume Stole since I’ve been toying with buying that pattern!

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