Ten on Tuesday

Ok, so I’m a day late.   Tuesdays are usually difficult but easier than Mondays…anyway here goes:

Ten Favorite Places to Eat:

1.  Wildfire in Schaumburg, Illinois.   Marjie and I had the best steak I’ve ever had last August.   We tried Wildfire in Atlanta and it was not the same.   The Illinois location had steak that was butter smooth and melted in your mouth.   Yum.

2.  Lou Malnati’s Pizza again in Schaumburg, Illinois.   (Someone told me Chicago had some great food and they were not wrong.)   I grew up on cracker thin pizza and that is my preference.   This is not cracker thin pizza.   It’s deep dish in all it’s glory.   Butter seemed to permeate the crust.   Lordy, was it good.

3.  La Hacienda in Lewisville, Texas.   I have only eaten there once but it was the best fajitas I’ve ever had.   From what I’ve read online, this restaurant is owned by the same family who had the old Mariano’s restaurants in DFW area.   La Hacienda is a steak house with a few Mexican dishes.   The building is a huge log cabin with a spacious porch and at least one nice rocker.   We had to wait for quite awhile but it was worth every minute of it.

4.  Exit Coneys!!!   Ok, that isn’t the real name but that is what we’ve dubbed them.   Coney I-lander in Tulsa.   Please make note of the name.   There are many others who try to ride on the coattails by using a similar name but this is the place with no S in the name.   There are several locations across Tulsa.   My fave is off 41st and Yale BEHIND the Barnes and Noble.   One of my earliest memories of Tulsa was in the original location that used to be on 4th street.   I remember my Daddy picking me up and putting me into one of the old school desk seats and asking me what I wanted on my coney.   Needless to say that was many years ago.   Daddy used to joke that the downtown location was THE BEST because the elderly man who made up those coneys had bad vision and had to breathe on the coney in order to fix it.   🙂   (No offense…..)   Anyway, all these years later and I’ve managed to hook some OKC folks (you know who you are) on these delicious gems.   Try ’em, you’ll like ’em.  

5.  Ron’s Hamburgers.   Another Tulsa chain.   And I will tell you not all are created equal.   The best location for taste is 15th and Lewis.   It isn’t easy to park nor easy to get a seat (counter seats only) but damn those burgers are good.   The Spanish fries are good also.   Hand cut not frozen.   Yum.  

6.  Pappadeaux’s.   I’m sad to say Oklahoma does not have this chain.   And that is our loss.   I ate at Pappadeaux’s in Atlanta.   I ordered the chicken breast and Marjie ordered fried shrimp.   We split and shared.   The chicken breast was very good but the shrimp was to die for.  

7.  Pappasito’s Cantina.   I’ve eaten at two of these now, one in Atlanta and one in Richardson, Texas.   This is a Pappa’s family chain.   Again the reason I say it is one of my faves is because of the shrimp.   Order fajita’s with the brochette of shrimp.   Jalapeno stuffed inside shrimp wrapped in bacon.   Need I say more?

8.  Paradise Bakery in Denver.   This is the only store I’ve visited.   We ate breakfast there when we did our massive yarn crawl across Colorado in May of 2008.   Get the oatmeal.   Yes, the oatmeal.   They serve steelcut oats in a freshly baked oatmeal cookie with a spread of sliced strawberries on top.   Oh. My. God.   It is good.   Again no locations in Oklahoma. 

9.  Elmer’s.   It Be Bad.   This is a bbq joint in Tulsa.    I highly recommend the Badwich.   It is a bun topped with bbq bologna, chopped brisket, one hot link and a rib on the side.   It also comes with two choices of sides.  Elmer passed away a few years ago.  Honestly, I haven’t eaten there since I moved to the OKC area but I remember it fondly.  

10.  Ok, here’s one for the OKC folks.   Bricktown Burgers.   It has a great onion burger.   The sad thing is it is only open for lunch Monday through Friday.   Needless to say I haven’t enjoyed one since I started working in Norman.  

I know this list would be different at a later time….but for now….that is it.

Knit on!



  1. 1
    Michelle Says:

    So now you need to go to Austin because there is a Pappadeaux’s and a Papacito’s within a block of each other! I went to a teacher’s workshop last May, and these were both beside my hotel.

  2. 2

    There were a Pappadeaux’s and Papacito’s next to each other in Atlanta and in Richardson. I bet they only buy properties where they can build side by side. But Austin is on the five year plan. Sometime I want to take the train to Austin and see the bluebonnets when they are in bloom.

  3. […] Ten on Tuesday « Addicted to KnittingOk, so I’m a day late. Tuesdays are usually difficult but easier than Mondays…anyway here goes: Ten Favorite Places to Eat: 1. Wildfire in Schaumburg, Illinois. Marjie and I had the best steak I’ve ever had last August. … I’m sad to say Oklahoma does not have this chain. And that is our loss. I ate at Pappadeaux’s in Atlanta. I ordered the chicken breast and Marjie ordered fried shrimp. We split and shared. The chicken breast was very good but the shrimp was to die for. …  read more… […]

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