Ten on Tuesday

Today’s theme is ten sounds you love to hear.   Ok, this should be easy peasy.  🙂

1.  Sometimes when Lexi is napping in the chair next to me, she’ll wake up, make this trilling kind of meow and raise her head to me.   She wants me to pet her for a second and then she lays her head down and goes back to sleep.   Hearing her do that warms my heart.

2.  I love the sound of her paws/claws on the carpet when she is playing.

3.  I love the sound of my friends’ laughter.  

4.  I love hearing a shower singer.   I don’t hear that often but when I do it makes me smile.

5.   This is old but when I was a kid I couldn’t go to sleep until I heard the Johnny Carson theme playing.   After it was over or during I’d close my eyes and go to sleep.   Daddy always watched Johnny Carson every week night and I didn’t realize until I was 11 or so how hard it was to go to sleep on the weekends.   lol  

6.  This is another old one.  I can remember riding in the back seat when I was a kid and hearing the clop clop clop of the tires when we’d go over a seam in the highway.   I guess there were bunches of them between Tulsa and Sapulpa because I would drift off to sleep hearing that sound.  

7.  This is a brand new one….but the video on You Tube of Jill and Kevin’s wedding.   I’ve watched that video at least 17 times now and I love the music and it becomes an ear worm.   It makes me smile just thinking about it.

8.   This one voice.   It calms me and is soothing to hear and I feel all is right with the world when I hear it.  

9.  A baby’s laugh.   It is infectious.  

10.  A song I can sing along to.   Sorry….way too many to list just one.  

What sounds do you like to hear?


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  1. 1
    Laura Says:

    I love to hear cats/kittens purring, the sound of a gentle wind through the trees, tree frogs in the summer, birds chirping at the feeder

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