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August 4, 2009

Question:   Why is it when you walk into many restaurants you can’t smell the cooking anymore?

Question:   Why is it when the media reports a GOP protest it is a mob and when it is a Democratic protest it is a grassroots protest?

On the knitting front:   I am plugging along on the Anne Hanson’s Ostrich Plume Stole.   I’m using Prism Saki in the Tumbleweed colorway.   I originally bought 2 skeins as that was 860 yards and the pattern calls for 700 yards.   I am at the 30 inch mark and only have a row or two left of yarn from the first skein.   I picked up a 3rd skein Sunday because I was afraid two skeins would not be enough.   Now I’m thinking if I get 30 inches from one skein, 60 inches from two surely when I block it I’ll gain 12 more inches?   Oh well, if I don’t need the 3rd I can always use it for something else.   It is a very pretty colorway.

Is anyone else addicted to Farm Town on Facebook??   I am in need of neighbors.   Hint hint.

Stay cool and knit on!