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Some things on Sunday….

September 27, 2009

I never would have dreamed that some handy item from the kitchen would be such a handy tool in knitting, but it is.   I cannot remember where I read about using a salad spinner to rid a knitted item of excess water when blocking.  I am guessing I read it on Ravelry but it has been so long ago I forgot.   I know I looked at different salad spinners in the store but most had a point in the center bottom or along the sides and that would not work with knitting.   I had it in my head that my salad spinner had one single point at the bottom center and I was wrong.   Yay!   I first tested it while blocking Ostrich Plumes.   It worked like a charm.   I would highly recommend using this on your next blocking project. 

Speaking of Ostrich Plumes:

The pattern is Ostrich Plumes by Anne Hanson.   I promise the pictures do not do the item justice.   (Most pictures of knitted items don’t, IMHO.)  The yarn is Prism Saki in the Tumbleweed colorway.   I bought it at GYC in OKC.   Don’t go rushing up there to buy that colorway as they are out.   I was knitting on this in L & B one Sunday a few weeks ago and two customers wanted to know the yarn and name.   One did rush up to GYC and bought the last two skeins.   lol   But they do have many other gorgeous colorways in stock.  The yarn is a joy to knit with.   I loved the way the colors pop and did not pool.   This pattern is so easy to memorize.   There is one ‘working row’ and 3 simple rows.   I counted my stitches after each ‘working row’ and didn’t have to worry for 3 rows.   Easy to knit on while talking with other knitters.   No deep concentration or constant searching a chart or lines to keep your place.   Easy Peasy.  

I also picked up a long forgotten UFO, my Bubble Bag.   I’m using 15’s or 17’s with a strand of 220 along with one strand of Kureyon.   I think I last knitted on this a year ago.   It is into the portion where I’ll knit forever to get it long enough.   I cast on 2.5 as many stitches as the pattern called for.   I wanted a bigger bag so we’ll see how that goes.  

I bought a set of the Zephyr needles from Knit Picks.   I haven’t used them yet but I will soon.   I bought them for the express purpose of knitting with darker yarns.   I also bought two packages of the blocking pins.   Ugh.   Tried to use them today when blocking a scarf and I do not like them.   I have some dressmaker pins that are rustproof and I’ll continue to use those as they are much easier to push in and remove.  

Welcome Charlie!   Charlie is my betta fish.   He was given to me by my co-workers.   Believe me, he was a complete surprise.   And surprisingly to me, I really enjoy him.   As I am prone to do since I’ve been on the internet, I’m researching care of  betta’s and realize this bowl set up has to go.   It is inhumane in my books and while I am trying to find the better tank for him I am doing frequent water changes.   There is so much information out there and much of it conflicts with what you just read.   I finally got a book on betta’s published by Animal Planet.   I know the new tank needs to have a heater and filtration.   The pump is the big question.   A pump with too much current is not good for Charlie but one with a light current could be fun for him.   Decisions!   Decisions!!  

I walked into the living room last week and there was Lexi….lounging around with one paw draped over her favorite mouse.   Good thing it is covered with sisal rope.   Believe me, she gives it some rough treatment.   lol 

I really loved the fall weather we had last week.   Today’s heat spell is too much in my books.   I’m so ready for fall!  

Hope all of you are knitting and relaxing on this Sunday afternoon.