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New Year’s Eve

December 31, 2009

Brrrr it sure is cold today.  I feel very lucky that I have another 4 day weekend.  Yay!    I made a run this morning to the big WalMart and came home loaded with goods.   But I want to know WHO went out and bought all those hampers I mentioned?????? I could not find any of those hampers today.   I asked a sales clerk and she told me those were probably bought for back-to-school.   And that makes sense because I have had mine for dirty clothes for a few months.   Sigh.   She did show me where the other hampers were and I nabbed the LAST one they had.    I actually like the one I found today better because there is no hole in the top like the one I bought last fall.   Less likely a moth can get into the hamper.   Yay.   I ran over to the smaller WalMart here in town and they only had the mesh type with no lid.   That won’t work.   I think tomorrow I’ll hop over to Target and see what they have.  I’m determined to get this stash organized by weight PLUS I hope to gain some space or at least have it contained in the space I have.   lol  

Thanks to Carolyn, Anita, Laura, Michelle, Sue, Tasha, Chris, Pam and Terri for your comments.   Now Terri knows I found the fish stitch markers….don’t tell Karen!    She still doesn’t know.   🙂 

I wore my new Koigu scarf this week.   I got several nice compliments on it.   I really do like it….not to thick nor too long.  It’s warm enough without being too much and I love how it looks.

I cast on a new scarf this week.   No pictures yet but I’ll take some over the weekend.   It’s a linen stitch with a solid and variegated Cherry Tree Hill.   Funny I have about 4-6 skeins of Cherry Tree Hill and this is the first time I’ve ever knitted with it.   So far I love it.  

Ok, I stopped and took a picture of the new hamper.  

As you can see it is full.   That is three 27 qt bins of fingering weight yarn.   Ugh, I have too much yarn.   But the good side is I think my hamper storage system may be a winner.   I’ll have to find more of the hampers to see if I can rearrange the stash closet to know for sure.  

I guess that is all for now.   I hope all you have a warm, safe and very Happy New Year!   Lexi and I are gonna celebrate tonight.   I know she is anxious with anticipation.   😉


Snowed In

December 27, 2009

This is day 4 of being snowed in.   My driveway is 3/4 clear but the part that isn’t is a deep drift.   I put on boots and took the broom hoping to clear a path on my front sidewalk so I can get to the driveway.  Ha!   The snow is no longer soft enough for a broom.   (I do not own a shovel.  lol)  I did however walk on the snow enough that I think I can get out tomorrow morning.   Just in time to go to work.  Ugh.  

It feels weird not having a Christmas.   The plan is to have it next weekend but we’ll see.   I heard we may have more snow by the middle of this week.  Ugh again.  

So what have I been doing?   Lots of knitting, an attempt to organize the stash, bunches of laundry and cooking.   Oh and I did wrap some presents.   I also slept in this morning…more so than usual.  I slept until 10:30!   That is a new record for me.   All I can say is I must have needed that sleep.  

When I lay down to sleep at night is when some of my most creative thoughts come to me.   Mostly it is colors of yarn but the other night I had a great thought of how to contain my stash.   The bin idea is fine if you only have 10 or less bins.   Unfortunately or fortunately (however you wish to see that  lol) I have waaaaaaaay more than 10 bins.   I did not buy the super duper big bins as I had no way to store those.   Instead I bought the bins that hold 17 qts and 27 qts.   It was a lot of fun saying I’d put up 17 qts of yarn.   But now that is a chore.   When I ‘put up’ 54 qts of fingering weight yarn by going through half my stash I realized my current system was not going to work.  I don’t have enough storage space to hold that many bins.   Plus I have a bookshelf at the back of my stash closet and I can’t get to it because of all the bins stacked in front of it.   So my creative thought that ran across my mind as I was drifting off to sleep was to buy hampers!   Not the regular kind of hamper but the type you see in many stores these days, the fabric kind that is round with a circular wire ‘spring’ that lets it pop up to form a tall canister of sorts.   I have one I use in my bedroom for dirty clothes.   Why not buy 4 or 5 of these and see if I can contain my stash!   With luck I can put all my worsted in one, fingering in another, aran in a 3rd and well….I’m willing to try it to see how it works.   I’m also more determined than ever to knit from my stash.   Yesterday I had ‘startitis’ and started a new project I’d been thinking about for a few months.   I dove right into the stash and found several options.   That really felt good to know that I had choices and did not have to go buy anything.  

I finished a scarf I started last February.   I call it the Koigu Garter Scarf.   I saw it knitted up at Kirkwood Knittery in St. Louis when we were there.   I bought the yarn and the pattern but have lost it so I can’t give the correct name nor the correct credit.   I blocked it yesterday and took these pictures today.   I love it! 

My reluctant model....Lexi

Lexi is such a good sport.   She really doesn’t like it but she doesn’t run away so she puts up with me.  🙂

I used a semi solid skein of Koigu along with a coordinating variegated skein of Koigu.   It is knitted lengthwise.  I think it turned out great. 

Another forgotten project I unearthed while sorting my stash is a stocking cap I started last January.   Details are on my Ravelry project page.   The second I picked it up I knew I was not frogging it.   I love the feel of that fabric and the colors.  

I am not far from finished.   I’m in the decrease section so I plan to finish it soon.  

Funny thing about being snowed in, the stir crazy has left and now I think I could get used to this.   🙂   Until the utilities get cut off and the groceries run out….then I’d be thinking differently.    lol

Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2009

I know…two posts in two days…can you tell I can’t get out?   lol

When I came home Wednesday evening I put the car in the garage and was prepared to stay in all day Thursday.   As with most of us, I didn’t dream it would get this bad.  14 inches of snow!!!????   I used to experience 8 or 9 or even 11 inches of snow in Tulsa but those types of snows came in February or March never in December.   Anyway, since I can’t get out to see anymore than what is out my doors….here is what I see: 

The drift out my front door……this is before the sun did some work on it although it is still there…just not so close to my door.  

As of right now only the pickup is left in the intersection.   The white car was moved some time this afternoon and then the black car disappeared before sundown.   I opened the garage door and threw some salt on the driveway….the part that was slick ice.   Funny about half was covered by thick ice and the other part is covered in snow drift.   I noticed also that the snow in the street is curb high.   Once the sun came out you could see more of what happened.   The wind blew the snow into a deep drift right down the street and I guess the intersection is lower so with the build up of ice and then the drifting snow that is why the cars couldn’t drive through.  

I was in an organizational mood today.   With that in mind, I decided to tackle my stash.  Oh My God.   What have I done?   A couple of years ago I could dump it all on the sofa.  Not anymore.   I need to organize it and grouping it by fiber was not the best method.   I know by visiting yarn shops that have their yarn displayed by color… that is not good.   So then I realized if I am ever going to knit from my stash I need to know organize by weight.  I started around 11 this morning and ran out of steam around 5.   The sad thing is I only got to half of it.    I am embarrassed that I have two larger bins of fingering weight yarn and there is much more.   I have two larger bins of worsted weight and there is much more of that also.   I was surprised that I’ve filled two regular bins with aran weight.   I didn’t think I had that much.   Oh well…this is what reorganizing your stash does….screams at you that YOU HAVE TOO MUCH YARN!!!!!!!!!!  Sigh.   

My first inclination is to state I will NOT buy any yarn in the coming year.  Ha ha ha.  I know better than to make an all or nothing statement like that.   I can say that this past year I did not buy yarn as much as I did in 2007.   I did make two trips to The Loopy Ewe though…..I think I could fill a couple of bins from those trips alone.   lol   Oh and Marjie and I did go to Stitches South….so there is quite a bit of yarn from that trip also.   Hmmmm ok so I bought a lot of yarn in 2008  also.   Sigh. 

Ok, I can make this statement.   In 2010 I am going to knit more from my stash.  Ok!   I feel like I made some progress.    🙂

I  have a scarf I started on the way home from the February St. Louis trip.   I am going to finish that tonight.   No pictures as of yet.   Don’t know why but I never have taken one.   It’s a semi solid Koigu and a coordinating variegated Koigu garter stitch scarf knitted lengthwise.  I saw it knitted up in one of yarn shops we visited in St. Louis.   It was so simple but so nice looking that I had to knit it.   As is with most of my projects it got set aside while I jumped into something else.  So that was another task I did today as I sorted through yarn.   I reclaimed needles!   lol   I believe I frogged 3 or 4 WIP’s that I no longer have any interest in.   I did run across my striped stocking cap I started a year ago and fell in love with it all over again.   I will finish that. 

Oh that reminds me.   When serving oneself crow… it better with salt and pepper or with A-1?    I have to confess to a couple of my friends that I found something I thought they had.   I discovered those items when I was sifting through yarn today.  Maybe I’ll just admit it here and see how long it takes them to find out.   I found fish stitch markers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   lol  For months I thought Karen and Terri still had those markers.   I loaned the markers to them during a knitting class.   I’ve made digs at them for months now that my fish stitch markers are still missing.   Oh well…..don’t tell them….let’s see if they still read this blog.  🙂  

Christmas Eve

December 24, 2009

The weather outside IS frightful!  I don’t think I’ve heard the wind blow like this in forever.   This picture was taken out my front door around 10:00 am. 

And this picture was taken around 1:30 PM.   Note the angle is different.   Also note that the afore seen pickup was parked.   The same pickup is now STUCK at the corner outside my house.   The drive abandoned his effort and went back into his house.   I just hope those who have to drive around this corner are able to avoid hitting the pickup.  

Oh and this picture….yeah can’t tell what it is?   Well, it is my sidewalk from the front door……..see why I can’t/don’t get out??  

Mmmmmmm, I cooked a turkey breast 2 weeks ago and then used the carcass to make some broth for soup.   Today was the day!   I enjoyed a mug of turkey noodle soup out of my favorite mug.  

If I’ve already shown this forgive me.   But this is supposed to be my current project.   Girasole by Jared Flood.   I looked it up.   It is Italian for sunflower and is pronounced jiruh-so-lay. 

I am participating in the KAL at L & B for this.   I say that sheepishly because I haven’t touched this in a month!   I made a fatal mistake and was tinking back slowly but surely one Wednesday evening.   Vanessa offered to repair my mistake by dropping down and fixing it.   I let her and she fixed it but I haven’t touched it since.   It is a very fun knit.   Looks intimidating but is really easy.   So why did I put it down?   I wanted something MINDLESS like this:  

This is the Merci Scarf by Susan Rainey of the blog The Rainey Sisters.   I’m using Charles Tahki Tweed Alpaca.   When I saw that yarn the first time I knew I had to knit something with it.   So the Merci Scarf is it!   I’m about half finished.  

It has been crazy time at work.   I am now supervising a program I detest.   I thought when I retired I got away from it.   That’s what I get for thinking.   Sigh.   Anyway, that is what has been consuming me and my time for the past 3 weeks.   It is a good thing our family switched to drawing names this year as I have not even had time to shop.   The name I drew was easy peasy.   Land’s End online shopping, thank you. 

Anita, the reason I don’t post often is I think besides Michelle in Amarillo, you and I are the only ones who read this blog.   Maybe someone will prove me wrong.   Tap-tap-tap…anyone out there?

Lexi has settled in for a warm winter’s nap…..

And I think that sounds like a wonderful idea!!  

I hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas!