New Year’s Eve

Brrrr it sure is cold today.  I feel very lucky that I have another 4 day weekend.  Yay!    I made a run this morning to the big WalMart and came home loaded with goods.   But I want to know WHO went out and bought all those hampers I mentioned?????? I could not find any of those hampers today.   I asked a sales clerk and she told me those were probably bought for back-to-school.   And that makes sense because I have had mine for dirty clothes for a few months.   Sigh.   She did show me where the other hampers were and I nabbed the LAST one they had.    I actually like the one I found today better because there is no hole in the top like the one I bought last fall.   Less likely a moth can get into the hamper.   Yay.   I ran over to the smaller WalMart here in town and they only had the mesh type with no lid.   That won’t work.   I think tomorrow I’ll hop over to Target and see what they have.  I’m determined to get this stash organized by weight PLUS I hope to gain some space or at least have it contained in the space I have.   lol  

Thanks to Carolyn, Anita, Laura, Michelle, Sue, Tasha, Chris, Pam and Terri for your comments.   Now Terri knows I found the fish stitch markers….don’t tell Karen!    She still doesn’t know.   🙂 

I wore my new Koigu scarf this week.   I got several nice compliments on it.   I really do like it….not to thick nor too long.  It’s warm enough without being too much and I love how it looks.

I cast on a new scarf this week.   No pictures yet but I’ll take some over the weekend.   It’s a linen stitch with a solid and variegated Cherry Tree Hill.   Funny I have about 4-6 skeins of Cherry Tree Hill and this is the first time I’ve ever knitted with it.   So far I love it.  

Ok, I stopped and took a picture of the new hamper.  

As you can see it is full.   That is three 27 qt bins of fingering weight yarn.   Ugh, I have too much yarn.   But the good side is I think my hamper storage system may be a winner.   I’ll have to find more of the hampers to see if I can rearrange the stash closet to know for sure.  

I guess that is all for now.   I hope all you have a warm, safe and very Happy New Year!   Lexi and I are gonna celebrate tonight.   I know she is anxious with anticipation.   😉


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