How Does This Happen??

I have not gone into a yarn shop this weekend.   I have not purchased yarn online.   But still…..I managed to acquire two new yarns.   How does this happen?   It happens because of like-minded friends who are yarn pushers!   lol   For your viewing pleasure:

This is Mini Mochi by Crystal Palace Yarns in the Autumn Rainbow colorway.   Thanks to Terri this yarn was acquired from her stash and jumped into my stash.  

Sorry for the semi-blurry picture.   Believe it or not I took 5 pictures of this yarn, 2 outside and 3 inside and for some reason my trusty cell phone camera (that normally takes better pictures than my digital) keeps blurring the colors.   Maybe the problem is that this is Wollmeise yarn?   The colors are so deep and instense that maybe my pitiful little cell phone camera can’t comprehend the beauty and intensity of these colors?   I have long admired the clarity and intensity of the colors of Wollmeise.  I’ve never seen any other yarn that manages to carry that off.   Ok, enough apologizing about the pictures…..this I managed to ‘appropriate’ through my friend Ellen.   She is the friend who haunts the net in the wee morning hours to pounce on the rare yarn that is next to impossible to purchase unless you do.   Thank you Ellen!!  Part of me wants to wind and knit immediately but the other part wants me to hang onto this lovely skein until the RIGHT project comes along.   I’m fairly certain this will not become socks.   There is no way I’d sully these magnificent colors by knitting this yarn into socks.   I am pretty sure this is destined to become a wrap or shawl of some type.   I’m a firm believer that variegated yarns do best when knitted in a simple pattern.   Why?  I want the variegated yarn to do the talking.   When knitting with a semi solid or solid colorway is when I think the pattern can be busy.   Could I be convinced otherwise?   Time will tell…………………..

I finished the Merci scarf and gave it away already.   So what am I knitting on now?   A sock…..for myself:

Do you recognize this yarn?   I bought it a year or two ago for a Dropped Stitch Scarf.   I knitted maybe 10-12 inches and realized it was all wrong for that project.   The color changes were too short to carry it off.   So I grabbed it from the stash and decided to knit it into a pair of socks.   Plain ole generic socks….with a 2 X 2 rib….Arucania Ranco Multi, size 1 needles.   I think the colors are great for socks.   No pooling, the short color changes make a few stitches pop.   I think I found the right project for this yarn.  Yay!

Eczema report:   I haven’t had any Splenda since my last post.   I have no new ‘spots’.   The old are fading but some are still hanging on.   Hard to explain but it is like it has to ‘wear off’ and this does not happen overnight.   I no longer wake up and itch like crazy.   This is good.  

Work is really intense right now.   It seems to consume my week days.   Not to mention I never know from one day to the next if I’ll be working past 6 PM or not.   Ugh.  

For those of you who have not been watching American Idol I present this video clip:




  1. 1
    Michelle Says:

    Wollmeise!! I am truly envious! I have been watching for it, but have never been able to grab some. It will be beautiful in whatever you do.

  2. 2
    jewlbal3 Says:

    Love it when the yarn “jumps” into the stash! 😉

    And the sock yarn is just perfect — I enjoy short color changes like that as well!

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