Sunny Sunday

I had several opportunities to knit with friends last week.  I knitted with friends Saturday a week ago, Monday evening, Wednesday evening and again this Saturday.   I love weeks like that!  

I have a friend who is having her first baby in March.   I knew when I heard that I wanted to knit her a blanket and the traditional tomato hat.   I procrastinated as usual and realized I have about two months to get this blanket knitted.   I knew I wanted to do a Bob Blankie but I wanted it to be soft and pastel-y since this will be a spring baby.  I found out last week that she is having a baby girl so the yellow/green combo I had originally planned wouldn’t work.   So I stopped in at L & B yesterday and checked out the Mission Falls 1824 Cotton Whirl.   I found the perfect colors and with the Whirl and skeins from my stash this is what I’ve started:

Doesn’t that look girly and feminine?   I think so.   I picked up the Whirl in Pastel and I have the cream and mint green in my stash.   Yay!   It feels so good to knit from my stash.   Oh and I renamed Bob since this is for a little girl.   I am naming this the Bob-ette Blankie.   lol 

And Lexi says:   Mama, would you please knit or something….I need my beauty sleep.


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