Cluck Cluck Cluck

Ok, call me chicken but I’m not getting out in this stuff.   My driveway is less than flat although not a mountain but still yet…it gets very slick.   My sidewalk out front is not flat either…imagine that!   It has a slight slope to it in spots and then there is the yard….enough said.   I’m barracaded in the house….with plenty of drinking water, grub and a nice warm kitty cat.   I can work from home via VPN so it isn’t like I’m sitting here knitting all day….darn it.  

If you know about our lovely yarn shop here in Norman, L & B Yarn Co., please check out their new group on Ravelry.   It will be a lot of fun!

I’m knitting away on the Bob-ette Blankie.   I’ve got a long ways to go…but here is the current pic:

To me, it has that rag rug effect and Marjie said it reminded her of Cabbage roses….that is good!   I’ll keep plugging along….there are miles to go……..

My co-worker’s daughter, Miss Berkeley, is a knitter.   She was very busy around Christmas and this is what she knitted for her mother:

Yes, I know her head is cut was at her request.  🙂   But didn’t Berkeley do a great job?   Her mama wears it every day.   What a lovely gift!

And Miss Lexi is settled in for a warm winter’s nap….

I hope you stay warm and safe!



  1. 1
    Carolyn Says:

    I’m with you….not getting out in this stuff!! Log going in fireplace, dogs and knitting in lap…..ahhhhhh….perfect day… long as we don’t lose power and can stay in!

  2. 2

    Oh…your cat is soooo cute! If we weren’t allergic to cats I’d get a couple. I might try it again when my son is on his own; he’s has the most severe reaction to cats!

    Your blanket is coming along, I love the color. Between you and Margie I may have to break down and make one!

    Have you gotten in a lot of knitting time as planned? I haven’t…don’t ask me why, but I’ve been surfing the web wayyyy too much! I did start a new pair of socks with Ella Rae (? is that the name?) yarn. I just learned that school is cancelled again tomorrow so I’m planning on knitting most of the day tomorrow!

  3. 3
    Michelle Says:

    I’m envious that you can work from home. I am watching the weather tonight because we are expected to have yet more snow. If we miss more school, it looks like we will be going on a Saturday.

    Love the blanket!

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