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Is it Sunday already?

February 28, 2010

I don’t know where the week has gone.   Work is so crazy that while the days seem long they do just fly by.   Maybe next week…….

Yesterday, my friend Karen asked me if I wanted to run up to GY.   Sure did!   I was anxious to see the Lorna’s Laces Sheperd Sock.   They sure did have some pretty colors.   I even took a few skeins to the table to see if I could bond with them.   Then I took them back and picked out two skeins of the new worsted weight Mountain Colors.   I thought that would make a great Baktus scarf.   But I didn’t want to spend $45 on yarn.   Darn it….I put those two skeins back.   (They are still calling to me. )   So what did I end up with?   One lovely skein of Prism Saki in the Thunderclap colorway:

I’m going to knit a lacy Baktus with this lovely skein.

Last weekend Karen showed us her beautiful Spring Leaves she had knitted out of Ella Rae Lace Merino.   It was so soft and felt warm and light.  (I was chilly so I wrapped it around my shoulders and it kept me warm.)  If you’ve seen the picture on the pattern, you know the original was knitted with Pagewood Willow Creek (lace weight 2 ply) in the Golden colorway.  I fell in love with that color and tracked it down online.   That lovely skein arrived this week:

If you read The Rainey Sister’s blog you saw this several days ago.   I fell in LOVE with the yarn she used.   So, as you have probably guessed, I tracked that down on the net and this arrived this week also:

(I don’t know why I got more picture of the tag than of the yarn….)

That is the kind of red I love, rich, warm with no blue undertones.   The Damson (Rav link) by Ysolda Teague Susan knitted with this yarn is so beautiful.   I had to have it!

I thought this was one moment of clear truth:   Yesterday when Karen and I were talking about buying yarn for another gorgeous project we saw she said something about knitting the item.   To which I replied:   Knitting?   Who said we are buying this yarn to knit with?   We COLLECT yarn!  

And that my folks, is the honest to goodness truth.   🙂


Sleepy Sunday

February 21, 2010

It was a long week at work.   I have a fairly new co-worker who wants to visit a real yarn shop.   So far she’s only purchased Hobby Lobby and WalMart yarn.   She sits beside me during our docket meetings and most often drools over whatever project I knit on during the meetings.   We tried to get to L & B Wednesday or Thursday last week and it didn’t happen.   So maybe this week………

I had a fantastic time knitting with a great group of friends on Saturday.   I love the show-n-tell!   Between the group we have finished objects, new projects, patterns and bunches of gorgeous yarn to show off.   There was a mother and adult daughter sitting by us yesterday.   Turns out the mother is a new knitter and was treating her daughter to a knitting lesson at a local yarn shop.   The mother already knew about Ravelry….so we told them about L & B and GY.   It is always so much fun to talk to new knitters.  

I finished Michael’s gaiter this morning.   I was about to bind off while knitting with the gals yesterday but realized the regular ole bind off was not stretchy enough.  I asked around and Ellen recommended Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Sewn Cast Off.   When I got home I looked it up and it’s easy peasy!

First, cut your yarn leaving a tail about 3 times the width of your knitting.   Thread it on a tapestry  needle.   Then with the tapestry needle slide the tip through two stitches on the left needle as if to purl:

Pull your yarn through, then reinsert your needle tip through the first stitch on your needles as if to knit and pull through.   Slip that stitch off the needle.   It made a very nice and stretchy bind off.  

Now to get these off in the mail before the next snow storm comes.  

I decided to start a drop stitch scarf yesterday.   I bought Claudia’s Hand Paint Fingering 55 a few years ago for this project in the John B colorway.   I cast on for that last night.   It will be my take-along project that I can knit on and not have to give it much thought.  

And since I am at home today and could possibly focus on more than mindless knitting….I decided to pick up Multnomah and work on it.   My plan is to knit it larger since I have 600 yards of the yarn.   I am in a finishing mode!   And that is rare for me……  anyway I am near the end of the first skein of yarn.   Then I realized I have no idea where the other two skeins of yarn are located.   That meant I had to stash dive.   Oh my gosh…..I busted out the new pop up hampers and started emptying bins.   That was way more effort than I wanted to invest but I got the majority of it sorted.   Problem is I don’t have enough hampers!   Yikes!!  The hamper for fingering weight and worsted weight are overflowing.   I managed to squeeze them enough to zip the tops though.   I just can’t get anymore in either one of them.   Ugh.   The aran hamper is to the top…..I could squeeze a bit more into that hamper.   The DK/sport weight is about 3/4 full.    Whew.  

Anyway, I did find the other two skeins of Gold Hill/Lorna’s Laces.   Most of my yarn is sorted into the approprite hamper.   Now to get the rest of that closet sorted/cleaned.   Ugh.   Wish me luck.

ETA:  Carolyn, I’m using Gold Hill Shepard Sock from Lorna’s Laces on the Mulnomah….I have it posted on Ravelry under my projects.   I love that colorway……     I’ve tried several yarns for the drop stitch also…..the color repeats have to be long enough but not too long……I had to frog a few also…lol   Color repeats too short.   Ugh.

Happy Valentine’s Day Or Single Awareness Day…..

February 14, 2010

I was shocked this morning to see the weather gal showing some place that was receiving some pretty good snow….then it clicked…this is a LOCAL station and I got up to look out the window.   Snow, again!   It didn’t last very long but now all the grass is covered in a blanket of white.  

This week I finished the Marsan Watch Cap for my son.   It was an easy knit but I have to wonder if I’ll ever knit a knit stitch the correct way again.   lol   Why?   The watch cap is knitted in a twisted rib stitch.   All the knit stitches are knitted through the back loop.   I’m also knitting a neck gaiter to match in the same pattern.  

As you can see the neck gaiter is only a couple of inches along.   I think it will be nice and toasty warm though.  

There were no yarn acquisitions this week.   Yay!   I did however, get two new knitting books,  Norwegian Handknits and Mostly Mittens.   I also picked up another pop up hamper for the yarn stash.  I’m hoping that will be enough to contain the stash. 

Today is the perfect soup day.   I’m trying a new recipe:  Cabbage Roll Soup.   It smells pretty good…..a whole head of cabbage, 1 bl of ground beef, one onion, some garlic, Worchestershire, white vinegar, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, brown rice …..and some Allspice….

Here’s hoping you have a Valentine to curl up with (two legged or four legged variety whichever you prefer) and lots of knitting to keep you happy!


February 7, 2010

It has been a very long week….just when I thought work couldn’t get any more crazy it did.   I worked late Monday, Thursday and went in for several hours yesterday.   And while the work isn’t all that physical it drains me more than anything.  

So what does a gal need when she has a closet bulging with yarn?   Buy more yarn of course!   I guess because of all the stress at work I needed some yarn therapy.   Big time.   Last Sunday I picked up two skeins of Cascade 220 Superwash at GY in OKC.   My son has a job now where he is working out in the weather a big part of the day.   He said the wind gets biting and his neck and chin feel like they are going to fall off.   Say no more!   Mom will knit for you!   lol  Like I need an excuse.   I found The Marson Watchcap on Ravelry and loved the swirl it makes on the decrease rounds.   So I decided to knit that hat along with a simple gaiter in the same stitch pattern.   Hat is well on it’s way and gaiter is waiting in the wings:

Funny how cloudy days affect the color of a picture.   This is a nice teal which the picture barely gives a hint of…..this is a twisted rib pattern.   What is different about it is you knit 25 rows or so and then you flip your work so that what was outside is now inside.   That is why you see a sort of line of demarcation.   The bottom half is the cuff, which when folded up will look just like the top part that is now the outside.   Cool, huh?   I will make a gaiter out of the same yarn and same stitch pattern to go with his hat.

I had a very nice Loopy credit that accumulated from my frequent shopping at The Loopy Ewe.   I decided to spend some of it earlier this week.   Before I show you my purchases I do want to say I wish other online merchants took their cues from The Loopy Ewe.   Let me explain:   I buy many things online from books to yarn to clothes, phones and shoes.   I do take advantage of ‘free shipping’ because shipping rates are pretty pricey to me.   With that in mind, it takes a week plus to get items from some of these places.   I ordered my yarn from The Loopy Ewe on Tuesday and had it in my hands on Thursday!!   Sheri’s customer service is outstanding.   Why can’t the book sellers and *ahemm*  knitting needle sellers get it right?   When I use the free shipping perk I think it goes into a bin marked:  Slow Boat to China.   Unreal.   Anyway back to my yarn!!   I bought two skeins of each, first sKNITches Bebop Sock:

I LOVE these colors together.    No way would I knit socks out of this.   I bought two skeins with a shawl/wrap/scarf in mind.   880 yards total, what would you suggest?

I picked up two skeins of String Theory, Caper Sock.   Never heard of it before.  It had cashmere in it and I loved the color, an Aegean Sea blue……

This yarn is soooooo soft!!   I hate to downplay the sKNITches but when I ‘pet’ this skein the comparison is over.   lol   Not fair to Bebop Sock since it has no cashmere but wow.   Again, I had a shawl/wrap/scarf in mind for this yarn.   800 yards, what would you knit with this yarn? 

I don’t get it.   I took the picture above of the String Theory and then took this picture within the same minute:

You wouldn’t know it was the same yarn.   I did move the camera closer but geeez….this is way off.   lol

L & B Yarn has this gorgeous Linen Stitch Scarf on display knitted from Manos Silk Blend.   I have had a Jones for the Linen Stitch going all the way back to when I first learned to knit.   I played with it a time or two but never really got into it.   Fast forward to 6 years ago and I dug out my book with the instructions and this time I got it!   I never really completed anything in this pattern but I am still very attracted to it.   Anyway, I bought some Manos Silk Blend:

I think this will make a beautiful Linen Stitch Scarf. 

Stash Management:  I was in *al-Mart Friday evening and they have my pop-up hampers back in stock!   I picked up three more.   I haven’t started sorting yet but at least I have the bins.   Yay! 

Sorry, I don’t have any pictures to show of this but Charlie’s tank was becoming a problem.  We had an algae bloom going on.   Yuck.   My fish expert told me it was not harmful to Charlie but it looked nasty and yucky to me plus it was an embarrassment for anyone who came into my office to see.   I decided to get some snails.   I picked some up on Thursday at noon.   I bought 6 although only 5 made it.   By Friday morning it was unreal how much those snails had cleaned up that tank!   Charlie wasn’t terribly upset although he did seem to ‘focus’ on one snail more than the others.   One did get on the wall of the tank by one of Charlie’s narrow paths…..he flared a bit over that but the snail eventually moved so all was well.   lol   Yesterday when I went to work the tank was even more clear than it had been on Friday.   Problem was only 3 snails were visable.   I checked the floor and didn’t see two wandering snails.   Plus there is a cover…although it does have a couple of openings I guess a snail could escape from…..anyway I’m hoping they were burrowed in the rock and will come out eventually.   My fish expert told me the snails will not last as long as the fish will….so with that in mind….I decided not to name them.   lol   Yeah….I’m a softee…..(edited to show Charlie in a previous picture)

Charlie....pre-luxury tank days.....

We are supposed to get some snow tonight/tomorrow.   I hope it is nothing compared to what we’ve had……I hope all of you stay warm and cozy and spend lots of time knitting.