Sleepy Sunday

It was a long week at work.   I have a fairly new co-worker who wants to visit a real yarn shop.   So far she’s only purchased Hobby Lobby and WalMart yarn.   She sits beside me during our docket meetings and most often drools over whatever project I knit on during the meetings.   We tried to get to L & B Wednesday or Thursday last week and it didn’t happen.   So maybe this week………

I had a fantastic time knitting with a great group of friends on Saturday.   I love the show-n-tell!   Between the group we have finished objects, new projects, patterns and bunches of gorgeous yarn to show off.   There was a mother and adult daughter sitting by us yesterday.   Turns out the mother is a new knitter and was treating her daughter to a knitting lesson at a local yarn shop.   The mother already knew about Ravelry….so we told them about L & B and GY.   It is always so much fun to talk to new knitters.  

I finished Michael’s gaiter this morning.   I was about to bind off while knitting with the gals yesterday but realized the regular ole bind off was not stretchy enough.  I asked around and Ellen recommended Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Sewn Cast Off.   When I got home I looked it up and it’s easy peasy!

First, cut your yarn leaving a tail about 3 times the width of your knitting.   Thread it on a tapestry  needle.   Then with the tapestry needle slide the tip through two stitches on the left needle as if to purl:

Pull your yarn through, then reinsert your needle tip through the first stitch on your needles as if to knit and pull through.   Slip that stitch off the needle.   It made a very nice and stretchy bind off.  

Now to get these off in the mail before the next snow storm comes.  

I decided to start a drop stitch scarf yesterday.   I bought Claudia’s Hand Paint Fingering 55 a few years ago for this project in the John B colorway.   I cast on for that last night.   It will be my take-along project that I can knit on and not have to give it much thought.  

And since I am at home today and could possibly focus on more than mindless knitting….I decided to pick up Multnomah and work on it.   My plan is to knit it larger since I have 600 yards of the yarn.   I am in a finishing mode!   And that is rare for me……  anyway I am near the end of the first skein of yarn.   Then I realized I have no idea where the other two skeins of yarn are located.   That meant I had to stash dive.   Oh my gosh…..I busted out the new pop up hampers and started emptying bins.   That was way more effort than I wanted to invest but I got the majority of it sorted.   Problem is I don’t have enough hampers!   Yikes!!  The hamper for fingering weight and worsted weight are overflowing.   I managed to squeeze them enough to zip the tops though.   I just can’t get anymore in either one of them.   Ugh.   The aran hamper is to the top…..I could squeeze a bit more into that hamper.   The DK/sport weight is about 3/4 full.    Whew.  

Anyway, I did find the other two skeins of Gold Hill/Lorna’s Laces.   Most of my yarn is sorted into the approprite hamper.   Now to get the rest of that closet sorted/cleaned.   Ugh.   Wish me luck.

ETA:  Carolyn, I’m using Gold Hill Shepard Sock from Lorna’s Laces on the Mulnomah….I have it posted on Ravelry under my projects.   I love that colorway……     I’ve tried several yarns for the drop stitch also…..the color repeats have to be long enough but not too long……I had to frog a few also…lol   Color repeats too short.   Ugh.


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    Carolyn Says:

    Had to go look up the Multnomah…wasn’t sure what it was….pretty, pretty…what are you using?
    Like that choice for the drop stitch too. I’ve started it in several different yarns but haven’t found one yet that wanted to “be that”!

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