Soggy Sunday Coming Up!

Rain is coming.   I’d much rather have rain than snow.   I saw sprinkles on the patio earlier but it has stopped for now.  

I feel like I’ve had a raincloud over my head this past week.   Work was the usual work combined with dysfunction.   The one person officially assigned to this one type of case quit.   What does that mean?   It means it falls on me and one other person.   Both of us already have more than four people could handle….thus the dysfunction.   Ah well….I’ll  stop now before I get myself fired up.  🙂

On the way back to the office on Thursday my Check Engine light came on…..again.   I didn’t even get upset.   The last time this happened I went to the local auto parts store and had them hook up their diagnostic computer only to be told to put some gas cleaner in the tank.   It worked.   Now every time I get low on gas it will come back on and when I fill it the light goes off.   It is time to start looking for a new car.   Ten years old and 118k, I think I have gotten my money out of it.  

Yesterday, I was getting ready to meet a group of friends to knit when I discovered my dryer was not heating.   Arrrgggg!!   I guess I should be thankful my jeans were near dry.   I did have to use the hair dryer to dry the front and crotch so I could wear them.   Ugh!   Nothing like a cold wet pair of jeans to make you feel uncomfy!   lol 

What is this?

This is me halfway through the process of picking up 301 stitches!   Yikes!!   This is how I ended up doing this tedious process.   I was knitting along and started the Fan and Feather portion of the shawl.   I got to Row 3 and it didn’t really make sense to me.   I called Marjie and asked her to look at her copy and tell me how she processed that row.   She read it/understood it the same way I did.   So I knitted four rows and started my next four rows and I noticed my eyelet holes were few and not really lining up.   I also had one extra stitch at the end of the row.   I counted and recounted and could not find my mistake.   Then I went back on Rav and looked up Multnomah again and guess what?   The pattern was written differently.  Arrrgggggg again!!!!    The exact part that I called Marjie over the first time was not written clearly.   So if you printed/saved a copy early on, better go check and see if your copy matches the latest version on Rav.   While picking up those 301 stitched I messed up somewhere along the ‘spine’ of Multnomah.   I tried to drop down to fix it but picking up stitches in garter stitch whipped my behind.   I finally used a safety pin stitch marker to hold the stitch and called Marjie.   She said she could fix it no problem.   And she did!   Yay Marjie!!!   Now I’m working on the Fan and Feather portion and it truly looks like Fan and Feather:

I didn’t buy any yarn this week.   I know, you are shocked….but don’t be.   I did manage to ‘acquire’ several lovely skeins of yarn.   How did I do this?  lol  Ellen was kind enough to pass on her good fortune.   Her mother sent her a HUGE box of  yarn that she knew she’d never knit.   Ellen claims to have yarn spilling out of bins, closets etc.    So she brought the huge box of yarn yesterday and we dove in!    These are just a few of the skeins I picked up:

Believe me, I picked up more than these skeins.   For some reason my phone is blurring some of the pictures.   I guess I need to bite the bullet and start  using my digital camera again.  

Yesterday we had a couple of different people stop by and talk to us about knitting.   Two ladies stopped who were tap dancers.   One used to knit years ago and we gladly showed some of our projects.   They were quite taken with our group and our knitted items.   Nothing like some positive reinforcement, huh?    Then about an hour later a man came up and told us that he just wanted us to  know he thought it was great we were keeping a ‘dying art’ going.   He said his mother used to knit and it made him happy to see us knitting.   I told him knitting was enjoying a resurgence in popularity but I don’t know if he really ‘heard’ me.   lol 

Ok, Multnomah is calling to me…..I think the rest of this should fly by….at least more quickly than the garter part….that gets tedious.   I hope your weekend is good and filled with lots of knitting!


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    Carolyn Says:

    Beautiful shawl! Even with the pattern probs, it looks like it will be worth the effort…Pretty, pretty!
    Oh, you lucky girl….I think I need to make friends with Ellen…lol!

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