Blink your eye and the weather changes in Oklahoma.   We went from near 70 degree weather to blizzard conditions all within about 24 hours.   Fortunately, the weather people got it wrong for our part of the world and we did not have much accumulation.   The wind blew hard enough the streets are clear.  Yay!

I did my taxes this morning.   Another Yay!   For the first time in five years I get back both Federal and State.   That is a nice change.  

I came home Friday and had the bug to sew.   I used to sew a lot.  I made my clothes, clothes for other people, craft items, I sewed for years.   Then I got tired of it.   Sewing isn’t portable (unless you want to be a pack mule).   Sewing is messy.   Sewing takes a lot of room.   One thing I realized this weekend is I love the smell of sewing machine oil.   Yeah….every time I walked by the machine I caught a whiff of that old familiar smell and realized I like it!   lol   So what did I sew on all weekend?   Project bags.   No pictures yet.   I haven’t found the right drawstrings yet.   I even ran out to the local fabric store earlier.   Nothing enticed me.   I’ll keep looking until I find something I like.  

I haven’t knitted a stitch since Tuesday.   I know, weird.   Oh well….maybe tonight while I watch tv.

Hope you have had some good knitting time this weekend.


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    Carolyn Says:

    Can’t wait to see th pics! I get that sewing bug now and then too!

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