A Stressful Sunday

Lexi had a rough day today (and so did her Mama).    I was in the kitchen and I heard a funny noise almost like someone had spoken.   I turned around and went to see where Lexi was and she was in the extra bedroom.   She had tossed her cookies once and was in the process of doing so a second time.   If she eats too fast or has a furball she’ll do that.   She came out of the bedroom and as I watched her walk she seemed to fall over.   Being a cat she jumped up only to lay down and she went completely limp.  I was watching all this and it took place in about 5 seconds.   I thought she was dying.   About the time she closed her eyes she opened them back up and got up to run hide under the bed.   When she goes under that bed I can’t get her out.   I watched her for about 15 minutes and she threw up two more times.   Then she came out and then threw up two more times.   It was tinged with blood.   I grabbed her and put her in the bathroom (where I CAN get to her) and closed the door.   I pulled on clothes, called the vet’s office, turned off the dishwasher and dryer and grabbed the carrier.   Funny how you can do all of this in less than 10 minutes when under stress but otherwise it takes 30 minutes.   The emergency vet my vet refers to is down I-35 so it took about 20 minutes to get there.   I guess the worst was over by the time I got her in the carrier but I didn’t know that.   The vet said it is hemorragic (sp?) gastritis.   Her blood count was good considering she was sick and the areas that were in the red were because she was sick.   Two shots and some bitter pills and some syrup later and we’re home.   I have to give these pills twice a day and the syrup 3 times a day.   The syrup will last for 3-4 days but the pills will last for over a week.   The vet recommended I change her food to Science Diet.   I tried Science Diet years ago as my other two cats did well on that.   Lexi didn’t like it.   Oh well….it will be rough but it has to change.   I’m glad to report that Lexi seems to be feeling better now.   She’s walking around and meowing.   She let me brush her for quite awhile.   Not back to normal but she is doing much better than earlier today.   Bless her little kitty heart.

ETA:  Added these pictures.  Lexi is feeling much better this afternoon.



  1. 1
    Chris Says:

    Sorry to hear of your distress. Hope this will pass and she will be good from here on out.

  2. 2
    Michelle Says:

    Sorry to hear about Lexi. I know how stressful it is to deal with a sick cat. Hope she feels better soon.

  3. 3
    Carolyn Says:

    Aww..poor little kitty! It is so upsetting when they are sick like that…especially since they can’t tell us how they feel! We were at the emergency vet with one of ours last Sunday too…..acting really strange, doc gave her some meds and she was fine by the next day! Hope Miss
    Lexi continues to get better!

  4. 4
    Ellen Says:

    Poor baby! Poor Mama!! Glad to hear she is improving. Have fun with the medication. I know how fun that is.

  5. 5
    Anita Says:

    Poor baby, I hope she gets lots better really quick. (good luck on giving her the pills and syrup) Bella can spot a pill in the middle of tuna fish! Oddly enough Bella doesn’t like Science Diet either??

  6. 6
    Karen Says:

    Poor baby! We have three golden retrievers and they have had the same gastritis problem. With all the love you can give her and the meds. she’ll be back to normal in a few days!

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