A Busy Sunday

I’ve been busy today.   I did some running around midday and then have been home ever since doing things around the house.   I can’t even think about going back to work tomorrow.   It will overtake my mind if I do.   Ugh.  

So most everyone who reads this blog and some who don’t know I profess to collecting yarn.   Well I have another weakness that I probably don’t indulge as often.   I love to buy pretty plates.   Now the lack of storage keeps me from buying these items too often.   I have some every day plates, actually two sets.   One is some dinnerware I bought from Safeway (when we still had those here).   I had coworkers bringing me their stamps so I had quite a collection.   I had another set I bought at Ross or T J Maxx several years ago.   I loved the salad plates but the dinner plates and the bowls were losing their design from normal wear and tear.   I have a set of Fiesta in Black that I bought 20 years ago.   I have a 77 piece set of Noritake Daventry that I bought on eBay several years ago.   It’s a very tradition set and I have all the casseroles, serving bowls etc.   And then I have  66 pieces of my antique set of Universal Pottery that no one seems to know the name of.   I would never eat off these dishes.   I just have them because I think they are pretty.   I’ve managed to collect alot over the years.   🙂   So today, I ran into T J Maxx just to kill some time before another store opened at noon.   I ran through the kitchen section and what did I find?   A gorgeous set of dishes that I couldn’t leave in the store!   lol   Here they are:

Aren’t they pretty?   They didn’t have any serving pieces but I have a plan.   I can get Plum Fiesta Ware pieces!   I had to make room in the cabinets for the new dishes.   So I pulled out those dishes from Safeway and the other every day plates and put them in a Goodwill bag.  

Oh, and I almost forgot……about a month ago again while in T J Maxx I found some pretty plates that day too.   There was very little left and I stood and contemplated if I wanted the white, yellow or aqua.   I moved on looking on a few aisles and came back to pick up 4 plates and the aqua was GONE!!!   That’s what I get for hesitating…darn it.   Anyway, part of my hesitation was deciding which color and I was torn about the yellow…and well, that is what I came home with.  

These plates are a bit bigger than a salad plate but not quite as big as a dinner plate.   I love them too.  

I spent the entire afternoon putting up a single curtain rod.  Ugh.  Not my forte.   And then trying to get the wrinkles out of some new curtains I bought.   Got them hung up and they ‘do the job’.   lol   It’s on a west window that really heats the room this time of the year.   I can’t believe I waited all this time to get curtains but I did.   Anyway, I don’t think I’ll be seeking work as a curtain installer.   lol  

Ok, shower time and then I’m going to sit back, relax, watch some tv and knit.   Thanks for listening to my rambles.   Hope your weekend has been filled with good times and a little knitting! 🙂


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