It’s been a long, long time……..

Well, I guess I had better pay some attention to this blog.   It’s been nearly three years since my last post.   I happened to look at the last post today only to find some fanatical, angry post that seemed to attack many different groups.   My apologies to anyone who read the whole thing and to those it may have offended.   I have no idea how long it was there….but I removed it this morning.

I will make attempts to revive this blog…..if anyone is still reading out there.   🙂



  1. 1
    Carolyn Faircloth Says:

    Been about that long since I posted on mine too! I’ll definitely be checking in! Hope all is well with you!

  2. 2
    Joy Harp Says:

    Hi….so glad to see you’ve knitted the firefly fringed scarf. I have knitted it 4 times, but that was a number of years ago and I’ve got some wonderful blue grey yarn sitting here waiting to figure the pattern out again. Having trouble getting past the 4th row…I remember having to make up a lot of the pattern, can’t remember what I did….. by any chance do you have your own version written down to get me started. Thanks for any help…..Joy

  3. 3

    Good to see that you have posted. I have been trying to get myself back to blogging too. So far I have posted two whole days in a row… Hope I keep it up. I just got out of the habit of posting and reading blogs. I guess could start posting about the drought and my dried up garden? Smiles

  4. Word was out about this way back in July? I only discovered it in December, and as of January 2007 it’s my proud new workquarters. Terrific staff, s Click

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