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Mom Spit

May 12, 2010

You know what I’m talking about.   Think back to when you were a child, you’d gone somewhere with your family and your mother realizes you have something on your mouth or face.   She grabs the nearest tissue, spits on it, and cleans it off.   That was my mother.   So when I found a “Mom Spit” Mother’s Day card I had to get it.  

I forgot to take it with me this past weekend when I took her out for Mother’s Day.  So I dropped it in the mail today.   My regret is I can’t see her reaction when she reads it.   I hope it gives her a good laugh. 

Monday evening was not a fun time here in Central Oklahoma.   I was oblivious to the close proximity of the tornado since my electricity was out.   But listening to the emergency vehicle sirens come and go for over an hour I knew it hit close.   Tonight I came home on Highway 9 and caught a glimpse of part of the damage.   I saw blue roofs and at first glance didn’t realize what it was.   Then I realized those people had their roofs damaged and had thrown blue plastic over their roofs to keep the rain out.   I know that is nothing compared to those who lost their homes.   But it is chilling never the less.  

Not much to report on the knitting front.   I’m still working on the Lacy Baktus.  No it isn’t difficult but I don’t knit every day.   That is something I need to work on.   I did that for 30 straight days awhile back.   It makes me ill to think of all the yarn I have and at the rate I’m knitting….the yarn is nothing but a collection.   lol  

I hope you get more knitting time than I’ve been able to do.   Happy Wednesday!



A Busy Sunday

May 2, 2010

I’ve been busy today.   I did some running around midday and then have been home ever since doing things around the house.   I can’t even think about going back to work tomorrow.   It will overtake my mind if I do.   Ugh.  

So most everyone who reads this blog and some who don’t know I profess to collecting yarn.   Well I have another weakness that I probably don’t indulge as often.   I love to buy pretty plates.   Now the lack of storage keeps me from buying these items too often.   I have some every day plates, actually two sets.   One is some dinnerware I bought from Safeway (when we still had those here).   I had coworkers bringing me their stamps so I had quite a collection.   I had another set I bought at Ross or T J Maxx several years ago.   I loved the salad plates but the dinner plates and the bowls were losing their design from normal wear and tear.   I have a set of Fiesta in Black that I bought 20 years ago.   I have a 77 piece set of Noritake Daventry that I bought on eBay several years ago.   It’s a very tradition set and I have all the casseroles, serving bowls etc.   And then I have  66 pieces of my antique set of Universal Pottery that no one seems to know the name of.   I would never eat off these dishes.   I just have them because I think they are pretty.   I’ve managed to collect alot over the years.   🙂   So today, I ran into T J Maxx just to kill some time before another store opened at noon.   I ran through the kitchen section and what did I find?   A gorgeous set of dishes that I couldn’t leave in the store!   lol   Here they are:

Aren’t they pretty?   They didn’t have any serving pieces but I have a plan.   I can get Plum Fiesta Ware pieces!   I had to make room in the cabinets for the new dishes.   So I pulled out those dishes from Safeway and the other every day plates and put them in a Goodwill bag.  

Oh, and I almost forgot……about a month ago again while in T J Maxx I found some pretty plates that day too.   There was very little left and I stood and contemplated if I wanted the white, yellow or aqua.   I moved on looking on a few aisles and came back to pick up 4 plates and the aqua was GONE!!!   That’s what I get for hesitating…darn it.   Anyway, part of my hesitation was deciding which color and I was torn about the yellow…and well, that is what I came home with.  

These plates are a bit bigger than a salad plate but not quite as big as a dinner plate.   I love them too.  

I spent the entire afternoon putting up a single curtain rod.  Ugh.  Not my forte.   And then trying to get the wrinkles out of some new curtains I bought.   Got them hung up and they ‘do the job’.   lol   It’s on a west window that really heats the room this time of the year.   I can’t believe I waited all this time to get curtains but I did.   Anyway, I don’t think I’ll be seeking work as a curtain installer.   lol  

Ok, shower time and then I’m going to sit back, relax, watch some tv and knit.   Thanks for listening to my rambles.   Hope your weekend has been filled with good times and a little knitting! 🙂


March 21, 2010

Blink your eye and the weather changes in Oklahoma.   We went from near 70 degree weather to blizzard conditions all within about 24 hours.   Fortunately, the weather people got it wrong for our part of the world and we did not have much accumulation.   The wind blew hard enough the streets are clear.  Yay!

I did my taxes this morning.   Another Yay!   For the first time in five years I get back both Federal and State.   That is a nice change.  

I came home Friday and had the bug to sew.   I used to sew a lot.  I made my clothes, clothes for other people, craft items, I sewed for years.   Then I got tired of it.   Sewing isn’t portable (unless you want to be a pack mule).   Sewing is messy.   Sewing takes a lot of room.   One thing I realized this weekend is I love the smell of sewing machine oil.   Yeah….every time I walked by the machine I caught a whiff of that old familiar smell and realized I like it!   lol   So what did I sew on all weekend?   Project bags.   No pictures yet.   I haven’t found the right drawstrings yet.   I even ran out to the local fabric store earlier.   Nothing enticed me.   I’ll keep looking until I find something I like.  

I haven’t knitted a stitch since Tuesday.   I know, weird.   Oh well….maybe tonight while I watch tv.

Hope you have had some good knitting time this weekend.

How Does This Happen??

January 17, 2010

I have not gone into a yarn shop this weekend.   I have not purchased yarn online.   But still…..I managed to acquire two new yarns.   How does this happen?   It happens because of like-minded friends who are yarn pushers!   lol   For your viewing pleasure:

This is Mini Mochi by Crystal Palace Yarns in the Autumn Rainbow colorway.   Thanks to Terri this yarn was acquired from her stash and jumped into my stash.  

Sorry for the semi-blurry picture.   Believe it or not I took 5 pictures of this yarn, 2 outside and 3 inside and for some reason my trusty cell phone camera (that normally takes better pictures than my digital) keeps blurring the colors.   Maybe the problem is that this is Wollmeise yarn?   The colors are so deep and instense that maybe my pitiful little cell phone camera can’t comprehend the beauty and intensity of these colors?   I have long admired the clarity and intensity of the colors of Wollmeise.  I’ve never seen any other yarn that manages to carry that off.   Ok, enough apologizing about the pictures…..this I managed to ‘appropriate’ through my friend Ellen.   She is the friend who haunts the net in the wee morning hours to pounce on the rare yarn that is next to impossible to purchase unless you do.   Thank you Ellen!!  Part of me wants to wind and knit immediately but the other part wants me to hang onto this lovely skein until the RIGHT project comes along.   I’m fairly certain this will not become socks.   There is no way I’d sully these magnificent colors by knitting this yarn into socks.   I am pretty sure this is destined to become a wrap or shawl of some type.   I’m a firm believer that variegated yarns do best when knitted in a simple pattern.   Why?  I want the variegated yarn to do the talking.   When knitting with a semi solid or solid colorway is when I think the pattern can be busy.   Could I be convinced otherwise?   Time will tell…………………..

I finished the Merci scarf and gave it away already.   So what am I knitting on now?   A sock…..for myself:

Do you recognize this yarn?   I bought it a year or two ago for a Dropped Stitch Scarf.   I knitted maybe 10-12 inches and realized it was all wrong for that project.   The color changes were too short to carry it off.   So I grabbed it from the stash and decided to knit it into a pair of socks.   Plain ole generic socks….with a 2 X 2 rib….Arucania Ranco Multi, size 1 needles.   I think the colors are great for socks.   No pooling, the short color changes make a few stitches pop.   I think I found the right project for this yarn.  Yay!

Eczema report:   I haven’t had any Splenda since my last post.   I have no new ‘spots’.   The old are fading but some are still hanging on.   Hard to explain but it is like it has to ‘wear off’ and this does not happen overnight.   I no longer wake up and itch like crazy.   This is good.  

Work is really intense right now.   It seems to consume my week days.   Not to mention I never know from one day to the next if I’ll be working past 6 PM or not.   Ugh.  

For those of you who have not been watching American Idol I present this video clip:


Happy New Year…..

January 10, 2010

One week after the fact….oh well….better late than never, right?

My first finished object of 2010 is…….The Merci Scarf!

Details in Ravelry.   Easy knit, love the yarn.   This is a thick-ish type scarf but sure to keep warm.

Our family finally celebrated our Christmas yesterday, yes the 9th.  Those of you here in Oklahoma know the blizzard we had on Christmas Eve.   I could not get out of my driveway let alone the neighborhood.   That nice long 4 day weekend kept me snowed in until late Sunday afternoon.   No Christmas that weekend.   So we thought we’d do it the next and my mother’s road is a rural country road and she told me it was difficult to travel.   Honestly, I thought she was exaggerating but then read that Tulsa schools were closed the 4th because of the back roads and she was vindicated.  🙂   Anyway, our family decided to draw names this year.   I am hesitant to say ‘draw’ because the names were assigned but….Michael got my name.   His aunt knows about my wishlist on Amazon and this is what I got:

I have to say these were not the books marked with higest priority but The Seven Things book looks like a great learning tool especially for those who are doing TKGA.   It not only has tips, the pictures are in color and there are patterns!   I’m always wanting to learn more about how to get my stitches to behave properly so this looks like a book that will definitely do the trick. 

The rest of this post is non-knitting related.   Since 2003 or 2004 I have been plagued with nummular eczema.   It first appeared on the tops of my hands.   I had one patch get so large I was wearing a large bandage to cover it when I’d go workout.   It was very embarrassing and no matter what ointment I put on it would not go away.   I finally went to a dermatologist.   He diagnosed nummular eczema and had me go to a compounding pharmacist who told me this doctor was a wizard and I’d be healed in no time.   Not true.  His compound did make the large patches go away but one week later I was covered in patches of contact dermatitis.   Back to the dermatologist and he asked me what I was so stressed about.   The eczema!! And now the contact dermatitis.   He put me on prednisone.  That seemed to do the trick but as soon as I started dosing down the dermatitis came right back.   Once again I went to the dermatologist and I asked him could this be something I’m eating?   He said nooooooooo slowly but then said let me give you the list of foods people with psoriasis need to avoid.  Wow.   I was eating everything on the list except for rhubarb!   So I started eliminating those foods one by one.   When I stopped eating eggs that seemed to make a huge difference.   Then one night I woke up in an itching frenzy and I felt like I was laying in a bed of itchiness.   At the time I had an eggcrate mattress on the bed.   When I removed it the itchiness seemed to ease.   That made me think I was allergic to latex.   So I put a plastic cover on the mattress and that really helped.   The dermatitis went away and for all these years I’ve suffered with bouts of cracked knuckles eaten up with eczema.   It did go away for about 3 months awhile back.   I was amazed because I did not know what I’d eliminated that had been the culprit.   Last fall when on a trip to St. Louis/Kansas City the eczema came back and attacked my pinky fingers, spots that had not been affected so far.   Something I ate at a KC bbq place kicked it back into full attack.   I broke out on my knuckles and spots on my hands not previously affected.   I broke out on the sides of my thighs, my backside and the sides of my torso.   Bright red crusty spots that itch.   I had some ideas of what maybe I’d taken that caused it but nothing specific.   So everything was healing and fading somewhat when this past week I had eaten some Cream of Wheat for breakfast with a spoonful of Splenda brown sugar.   It was like I had poured alcohol on those spots and the intense burn/itch was on.   Since I knew what I’d eaten I decided to look up Spenda allergies.   Well, nothing specifically addresses what I have except for the mention of skin rash.   I wouldn’t call what I have a simple rash.   Or is it?    That was Thursday morning.  I have not used any Splenda since.  I had to take a prescription antihistimine that night but since then I have not had those intense itchy periods.   The splotches on my hands are no longer itching nor are they inflamed.   Could I be on to something?  I use Splenda almost daily.   I use it in my iced tea and I drink that nearly every day.  I only use it on hot cereal and I eat that mostly in the winter.  The year that I first broke out I was using Splenda in my hot tea every morning.   Could it be that heat makes the reaction stronger?  I read some of the other reactions and those were not good.   My mother used it in coffee and kept getting very nauseous immediately after and stopped using it.   If anyone else  has had some negative reactions to Splenda, I’d love to hear from you.

What’s going on today…

June 23, 2009

Roots in Marthon, Texas

February 28, 2009

I just got home after a very quick three day trip down to Marathon, Texas for my grandmother’s funeral.   I have to be honest and tell you I really did not want to go and tried to think of a good and valid reason why I shouldn’t.   Guilt wouldn’t let me.   And now that it is behind me I have to say I am so very glad I went.   The trip down was better than I figured it would be.   I saw blue sky that I had not seen in a very long time.   In fact, I think it was more blue there than I’ve ever seen here.  I saw lots of countryside.   I saw old family homes.  I saw family I had not seen in a long while.   I saw family I had never met before.   I learned a lot about my grandparents that I never knew.   Get ready because I am going to blog about all of it, not in one post but in several.

First, I wanted to address the pronunciation of Marathon, Texas.   My mother, grandmother and uncle, who were born and raised in or close by have always said:  Mara-thun.   Equal emphasis on each syllable.  When I have talked about Marathon over the years many have said:  Isn’t it MaraTHON?    I’ve heard this over and over throughout the years.   When I was tasked with contacting the local (and this meant Midland-Odessa and the San Angelo) newspapers to make sure my grandmother’s death notice was posted I had this situation happen.   Me:  Does your newspaper cover the Marathon (mara-thun) area?   Guy:  I don’t even know where Marathon (mara-THON) is.   I noticed immediately and held my tongue.   I wanted to smart back to him and say:  if you don’t know where it is, why are you correcting me on how to pronounce it?   lol   So that become my mission (in my head) and that was to find out exactly HOW the natives of Marathon, Texas pronounce the name of their hometown.

The first stop we made was at the local library.   We were desperate for a restroom and the Shell station had TWO busses parked in the parking lot so we knew not to stop there.   Here is a picture of the tiny but very nice library in town:

Public Library of Marthon, Texas

Public Library of Marthon, Texas

There was a very nice lady named Cheryl working inside.   She allowed us to use the restroom.   We were very thankful!

But I digress….I was engaged in conversation later with my mother’s cousin Shirley who has lived nearly her entire life in Marathon and my uncle who grew up there.   I took the opportunity to ask both of them how it is pronounced and each said:   Mara-thun.   So there.   That is it and I will defend how ‘we’ say it from now on.   lol  My mother’s cousin said it’s a sure thing that when anyone says Mara-THON that they are not a native.   Case closed!

I took 133 pictures.   You may see many of them so get ready!   lol  More on another day.

Memory Lane

January 26, 2009

Terri and I went to see Gran Torino yesterday.   It is a good movie and I highly recommend it.   But the real topic for me is Clint Eastwood.   I grew up in the 60’s.   I can’t really recall which night of the week it was but I do know that once a week Rawhide and Route 66 were on back to back.   It was a weekly ritual that I’d sit beside my dad (in his lap when I was much younger), munch on popcorn and watch those two shows.   I distinctly remember this though: telling my daddy that I loved Rowdy Yates and that when I grew up I was going to marry him.    I’m sure I said that more than once.   Daddy probably humored me the first time or two and maybe the third or fourth time was when he delivered the news that 1. Rowdy aka Clint was too old for me and 2.  Clint was already married.   Darn it.  It did not stop my fascination with that long tall cowboy.   And yes, I have been attracted to long tall cowboys ever since I was a little girl.   I can say it started with Rowdy/Clint.   I’ve seen many of his movies over the years and there isn’t a one that doesn’t make me think back to the Rowdy days.   I guess he was the first man I loved outside my family.


What is your word?

January 23, 2009

Your Word is “Think”

You see life as an amazing mix of possibilities, ideas, and fascinations.
And sometimes you feel like you don’t have enough time to take it all in.

You love learning. Whether you’re in school or not, you’re probably immersed in several subjects right now.
When you’re not learning, you’re busy reflecting. You think a lot about the people you know and the things you’ve experienced.

I AM getting old…..

April 9, 2008

I just took a little quiz called 100 words. It is quiz to test your typing speed. I remember back in high school when the BEST typewriters around were IBM Selectrics and I could type 145 wpm. No, it was not a speed I would want to keep for more than a 5 minute test but I could do it. Fast forward to several years ago when I administered typing tests to hopeful applicants and I took one then and had slowed down to 98 wpm. Well, here I am today…..and this is my score:
79 words

Not bad for an over-the-hill 50 something, huh?