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Cloudy Sunday….

July 25, 2010

The clouds are playing with us.   It was pretty bright and sunny earlier today.   But now the clouds are moving in and teasing with the possibility of rain.   We need it…..oops…..I’ll jinx it if I say too much so I’ll stop here.  

I have a finished object!!   The Firefly Fringed Scarf that I showed a few weeks ago.   I finished knitting two weeks ago but did not have time to block until today. 

It was a bit tedious to block.   The 7 stitches that drop to form fringe were loops.   I threaded the blocking wire through the loops until taut and then pinned.   I was a bit surprised to find the scarf was nearly dry in spots as I was still looping the other side of fringe onto a blocking wire.   lol  Anyway, you can find this project on my Ravelry page.  I will warn you that this is a very poorly written pattern.   I wonder if the editors were running out of space and left some instruction out?   But overall, I love the end product and I will knit another one which should be much easier the second time around.  🙂   Oh, almost forgot, knitted out of Elsbeth Lavold Hempathy.   LOVE this yarn.  

I love to listen to books on CD.   I will get them most often from the library and then listen while in the car.   I picked up several books on CD last week.   The one I am listening to now is The Help by Kathryn Stockett.   I do not want to get out of the car.   This book is so very good.   If you only read physical books it is definitely a page turner.   It is set back in the early 60’s in Jackson, Mississippi.   Civil Rights is around the corner.   It’s about two maids who work for families in Jackson and one newly graduated 23 year old aspiring journalist who wants to write their stories.   I won’t say anymore than that.   But I would highly recommend this book.   I wonder if there is a movie in the works?  

Eleven years ago today this is who woke me up meowing her little head off until I went outside and found her:

It was on a Sunday and as you can see I picked her up and brought her inside.   Lexi and I have been a package deal ever since!  

Hope you are staying cool and doing lots of knitting!


Mom Spit

May 12, 2010

You know what I’m talking about.   Think back to when you were a child, you’d gone somewhere with your family and your mother realizes you have something on your mouth or face.   She grabs the nearest tissue, spits on it, and cleans it off.   That was my mother.   So when I found a “Mom Spit” Mother’s Day card I had to get it.  

I forgot to take it with me this past weekend when I took her out for Mother’s Day.  So I dropped it in the mail today.   My regret is I can’t see her reaction when she reads it.   I hope it gives her a good laugh. 

Monday evening was not a fun time here in Central Oklahoma.   I was oblivious to the close proximity of the tornado since my electricity was out.   But listening to the emergency vehicle sirens come and go for over an hour I knew it hit close.   Tonight I came home on Highway 9 and caught a glimpse of part of the damage.   I saw blue roofs and at first glance didn’t realize what it was.   Then I realized those people had their roofs damaged and had thrown blue plastic over their roofs to keep the rain out.   I know that is nothing compared to those who lost their homes.   But it is chilling never the less.  

Not much to report on the knitting front.   I’m still working on the Lacy Baktus.  No it isn’t difficult but I don’t knit every day.   That is something I need to work on.   I did that for 30 straight days awhile back.   It makes me ill to think of all the yarn I have and at the rate I’m knitting….the yarn is nothing but a collection.   lol  

I hope you get more knitting time than I’ve been able to do.   Happy Wednesday!


Happy Valentine’s Day Or Single Awareness Day…..

February 14, 2010

I was shocked this morning to see the weather gal showing some place that was receiving some pretty good snow….then it clicked…this is a LOCAL station and I got up to look out the window.   Snow, again!   It didn’t last very long but now all the grass is covered in a blanket of white.  

This week I finished the Marsan Watch Cap for my son.   It was an easy knit but I have to wonder if I’ll ever knit a knit stitch the correct way again.   lol   Why?   The watch cap is knitted in a twisted rib stitch.   All the knit stitches are knitted through the back loop.   I’m also knitting a neck gaiter to match in the same pattern.  

As you can see the neck gaiter is only a couple of inches along.   I think it will be nice and toasty warm though.  

There were no yarn acquisitions this week.   Yay!   I did however, get two new knitting books,  Norwegian Handknits and Mostly Mittens.   I also picked up another pop up hamper for the yarn stash.  I’m hoping that will be enough to contain the stash. 

Today is the perfect soup day.   I’m trying a new recipe:  Cabbage Roll Soup.   It smells pretty good…..a whole head of cabbage, 1 bl of ground beef, one onion, some garlic, Worchestershire, white vinegar, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, brown rice …..and some Allspice….

Here’s hoping you have a Valentine to curl up with (two legged or four legged variety whichever you prefer) and lots of knitting to keep you happy!

Snowed In

December 27, 2009

This is day 4 of being snowed in.   My driveway is 3/4 clear but the part that isn’t is a deep drift.   I put on boots and took the broom hoping to clear a path on my front sidewalk so I can get to the driveway.  Ha!   The snow is no longer soft enough for a broom.   (I do not own a shovel.  lol)  I did however walk on the snow enough that I think I can get out tomorrow morning.   Just in time to go to work.  Ugh.  

It feels weird not having a Christmas.   The plan is to have it next weekend but we’ll see.   I heard we may have more snow by the middle of this week.  Ugh again.  

So what have I been doing?   Lots of knitting, an attempt to organize the stash, bunches of laundry and cooking.   Oh and I did wrap some presents.   I also slept in this morning…more so than usual.  I slept until 10:30!   That is a new record for me.   All I can say is I must have needed that sleep.  

When I lay down to sleep at night is when some of my most creative thoughts come to me.   Mostly it is colors of yarn but the other night I had a great thought of how to contain my stash.   The bin idea is fine if you only have 10 or less bins.   Unfortunately or fortunately (however you wish to see that  lol) I have waaaaaaaay more than 10 bins.   I did not buy the super duper big bins as I had no way to store those.   Instead I bought the bins that hold 17 qts and 27 qts.   It was a lot of fun saying I’d put up 17 qts of yarn.   But now that is a chore.   When I ‘put up’ 54 qts of fingering weight yarn by going through half my stash I realized my current system was not going to work.  I don’t have enough storage space to hold that many bins.   Plus I have a bookshelf at the back of my stash closet and I can’t get to it because of all the bins stacked in front of it.   So my creative thought that ran across my mind as I was drifting off to sleep was to buy hampers!   Not the regular kind of hamper but the type you see in many stores these days, the fabric kind that is round with a circular wire ‘spring’ that lets it pop up to form a tall canister of sorts.   I have one I use in my bedroom for dirty clothes.   Why not buy 4 or 5 of these and see if I can contain my stash!   With luck I can put all my worsted in one, fingering in another, aran in a 3rd and well….I’m willing to try it to see how it works.   I’m also more determined than ever to knit from my stash.   Yesterday I had ‘startitis’ and started a new project I’d been thinking about for a few months.   I dove right into the stash and found several options.   That really felt good to know that I had choices and did not have to go buy anything.  

I finished a scarf I started last February.   I call it the Koigu Garter Scarf.   I saw it knitted up at Kirkwood Knittery in St. Louis when we were there.   I bought the yarn and the pattern but have lost it so I can’t give the correct name nor the correct credit.   I blocked it yesterday and took these pictures today.   I love it! 

My reluctant model....Lexi

Lexi is such a good sport.   She really doesn’t like it but she doesn’t run away so she puts up with me.  🙂

I used a semi solid skein of Koigu along with a coordinating variegated skein of Koigu.   It is knitted lengthwise.  I think it turned out great. 

Another forgotten project I unearthed while sorting my stash is a stocking cap I started last January.   Details are on my Ravelry project page.   The second I picked it up I knew I was not frogging it.   I love the feel of that fabric and the colors.  

I am not far from finished.   I’m in the decrease section so I plan to finish it soon.  

Funny thing about being snowed in, the stir crazy has left and now I think I could get used to this.   🙂   Until the utilities get cut off and the groceries run out….then I’d be thinking differently.    lol

Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2009

I know…two posts in two days…can you tell I can’t get out?   lol

When I came home Wednesday evening I put the car in the garage and was prepared to stay in all day Thursday.   As with most of us, I didn’t dream it would get this bad.  14 inches of snow!!!????   I used to experience 8 or 9 or even 11 inches of snow in Tulsa but those types of snows came in February or March never in December.   Anyway, since I can’t get out to see anymore than what is out my doors….here is what I see: 

The drift out my front door……this is before the sun did some work on it although it is still there…just not so close to my door.  

As of right now only the pickup is left in the intersection.   The white car was moved some time this afternoon and then the black car disappeared before sundown.   I opened the garage door and threw some salt on the driveway….the part that was slick ice.   Funny about half was covered by thick ice and the other part is covered in snow drift.   I noticed also that the snow in the street is curb high.   Once the sun came out you could see more of what happened.   The wind blew the snow into a deep drift right down the street and I guess the intersection is lower so with the build up of ice and then the drifting snow that is why the cars couldn’t drive through.  

I was in an organizational mood today.   With that in mind, I decided to tackle my stash.  Oh My God.   What have I done?   A couple of years ago I could dump it all on the sofa.  Not anymore.   I need to organize it and grouping it by fiber was not the best method.   I know by visiting yarn shops that have their yarn displayed by color… that is not good.   So then I realized if I am ever going to knit from my stash I need to know organize by weight.  I started around 11 this morning and ran out of steam around 5.   The sad thing is I only got to half of it.    I am embarrassed that I have two larger bins of fingering weight yarn and there is much more.   I have two larger bins of worsted weight and there is much more of that also.   I was surprised that I’ve filled two regular bins with aran weight.   I didn’t think I had that much.   Oh well…this is what reorganizing your stash does….screams at you that YOU HAVE TOO MUCH YARN!!!!!!!!!!  Sigh.   

My first inclination is to state I will NOT buy any yarn in the coming year.  Ha ha ha.  I know better than to make an all or nothing statement like that.   I can say that this past year I did not buy yarn as much as I did in 2007.   I did make two trips to The Loopy Ewe though…..I think I could fill a couple of bins from those trips alone.   lol   Oh and Marjie and I did go to Stitches South….so there is quite a bit of yarn from that trip also.   Hmmmm ok so I bought a lot of yarn in 2008  also.   Sigh. 

Ok, I can make this statement.   In 2010 I am going to knit more from my stash.  Ok!   I feel like I made some progress.    🙂

I  have a scarf I started on the way home from the February St. Louis trip.   I am going to finish that tonight.   No pictures as of yet.   Don’t know why but I never have taken one.   It’s a semi solid Koigu and a coordinating variegated Koigu garter stitch scarf knitted lengthwise.  I saw it knitted up in one of yarn shops we visited in St. Louis.   It was so simple but so nice looking that I had to knit it.   As is with most of my projects it got set aside while I jumped into something else.  So that was another task I did today as I sorted through yarn.   I reclaimed needles!   lol   I believe I frogged 3 or 4 WIP’s that I no longer have any interest in.   I did run across my striped stocking cap I started a year ago and fell in love with it all over again.   I will finish that. 

Oh that reminds me.   When serving oneself crow… it better with salt and pepper or with A-1?    I have to confess to a couple of my friends that I found something I thought they had.   I discovered those items when I was sifting through yarn today.  Maybe I’ll just admit it here and see how long it takes them to find out.   I found fish stitch markers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   lol  For months I thought Karen and Terri still had those markers.   I loaned the markers to them during a knitting class.   I’ve made digs at them for months now that my fish stitch markers are still missing.   Oh well…..don’t tell them….let’s see if they still read this blog.  🙂  

Happy 4th of July!

July 4, 2009

Not much going on here.   Believe it or not I am doing laundry and some spring cleaning about 3 months past due.  🙂

On the knitting front:  I am only 14 inches from completing the Lisa Souza Hardtwist Petite scarf.   And as usual I had to cast on something else:   The Berroco Mica scarf called Courant.   I have a confession.   I do not like the yarn.   I do however love the finished fabric.   The drape will be gorgeous.  I cast on the amended 84 stitches only to frog the 5 or 6 inches I had completed.   In order to get the 64 inch length the pattern calls for I’d have to go buy 3-4 more skeins.   I had to think about that and decided it was foolish to buy 3-4 more skeins of yarn I really don’t like.   So I frogged it and cast on 68 stitches.   It will still be wider than the average scarf.  It will still have enough width to show that lucious drape.   But hopefully it will be doable without buying more yarn.

I have pictures of my garden.   Yes it is only a container garden but I still have pretty flowers, one green tomato and loads of white pepper blossoms plus some fragrant lavender.  In the picture of my tiny tomato you see a glimpse of yarn.    My tomato is being stalked!!!   I have these huge starlings hanging out on the fence top like vultures.   I’ve run out to scare them off several times.   I don’t know if they are waiting for the tomato to ripen or if they have not spotted it yet since it still blends in.   But those birds are NOT getting my tomato!   I need to go get some bird netting but until then the strands of yarn (Cascade 220 for those of you who want to know  😉 ) are fluttering in the wind and seem to be keeping them away.   They may wise up.   I’m getting bird netting.   lol

See that picture of the red job ticket holder?   Sheri of The Loopy Ewe tripped us onto that idea.   Marjie and I were considering ordering some when Marjie realized there was a store close to her girls.   She made a call to Jamie and she ran over and got them for us.   Yay Jamie!   Btw, the postage from Dallas to Pauls Valley was going to be $11!!   Ridiculous.   Anyway, back to the job ticket holders.   They are 9 x 12 so a bit larger than a sheet of paper.   They are clear front and back so you can read a two sided pattern if necessary.   They are sturdy enough to stand up.   Oh that reminds me….that green thing holding it….it is a Page Up.   I bought that at Office Ma*.   It is great for holding your pattern upright so you can read it as you knit.   I was delighted to see that the Page Up would hold the thicker job ticket holder.   (Can you tell I am in love with supplies?   lol)

This heat is horrible.   I can’t wait for the cool front to come through this afternoon.   In the meantime, Lexi is laying around under the fan so she doesn’t work up a sweat.  lol   That’s ok cause her mama is sweating enough for the both of us.

Stay cool and knit on!

Oklahoma Ice Storm 2007

December 11, 2007

 I cannot begin to tell you how thankful I am that I have power and Lexi and I are safe at home and warm.   After listening to our local weather people, I did put the car in the garage and I did plan on going to work late Monday morning.   At 4:45 the electricity went off and on and off and on and finally off.  It came back on around 8:30 or 9 AM.  We had power for 30 minutes and then it went off again for about 30 more minutes.   This was the story of Monday morning.   I opened all the blinds and made myself comfy on the sofa knitting with what natural light was available.   I got tired of moving from the sofa to my den and back to the sofa again.   lol   Finally around 1:30 the power came on and stayed on for the afternoon and early evening.   I took my cell and flashlight to bed with me in the event the power went off in the night.   Because I was prepared it did not go off.  lol   And I’m not complaining.   This morning I got up and got ready for work.   Headed in and was shocked at all the tree damage.   I noticed most traffic lights were out but the reduced amount of traffic managed fine with the 4-way stop signs.   Then I got to downtown Norman and my confirmation was seeing The Diner’s closed sign.   I knew then the electricity was out in downtown Norman.   So I came back home to snuggle with my Lexi.

I finished the knitting portion of the clapotis.  Yay!!    I wove in a few ends last night and spent alot of time pulling stitches to make the runs.   That is the only disappointment with using Noro Silk Garden.   The mohair keeps the stitches from running without help.   But it is soooo warm and soft and beautiful.   Pictures later when I have some decent light.

Here are some shots from yesterday morning.   Early and later in the day.   (Please excuse the pot with the tomato cage and dead tomato plant.   But it shows the ice accumulation nicely.)

img_0979.jpg img_0985.jpg





I didn’t notice this until I was taking the later shots but here is my neighbor’s basketball suspended in an ice net.


And this is my sweet Lexi, safe and warm in the Kitty Kave.   All is well.


Did I Say Frightful?

December 1, 2006

My gosh, I can’t believe I’ve felt deprived these last few years because of the lack of a nice snow. As most of you know, I’ve spent most of my life in or around Tulsa. We would get 8, 10 and 11 inch snows at least once or twice a year. I moved to the OKC Metro area 6 years ago and I can recall a few significant snows but nothing like those big snows in Tulsa. Well….I watched the snow fall most of the day yesterday. I stayed home and heard the sleet then saw it change to big flakes and then to the small dry flakes. Before the sun went down yesterday I opened my front and back door to see how the snow was accumulating. I “lost” my sidewalk in the front and the patio out back was pretty well covered. Well….check it out this morning…….the one picture where you can see the top of the ruler……that is a 14 inch drift at my front door!!!! The other shot where you can only see the ruler in the snow, a 15 inch drift at the back door. This is going to be interesting. I can go out the garage door where there only appears to be a covering of ice and snow on the driveway but then I have no way to close the door from the outside. (No, I don’t have a garage door opener.) So that means trekking back inside to go out the front door and wade thru the 14 inch drift to the west side where it isn’t quite so deep. Geeeez….remind me to never ever complain again about the lack of snow.

Update:  I ran to the grocery store.  My drifts have melted down a bit although not alot.  The driveway will be a lovely sheet of ice when the sun goes down tonight.  Travel is possible in town but lordy my car is a muddy mess!!  I think I went thru a puddle or two as a result of a broken water line.  I think the roads will be trecherous sheets of ice when the temp starts to dip.

Lexi says: I’m staying inside. Lexi asleep inside where it’s warmSnowdrift at the back doorSnowdrift at the front door