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Sunday’s Acquisitions Show

April 25, 2010

Ok, so the majority of what I’m about to show you was acquired on a Saturday but who cares?   lol  

I had the best day yesterday.  A visit to a yarn shop and then the afternoon filled with knitting friends, yarn, great converstion, knitting and finished objects!   The only way that day could have gotten any better was if some magic elves had cleaned my house and did my laundry while I was gone.  🙂

I had some acquistions a couple of weekends ago but it got lost in the weekend of Lexi’s emergency vet visit.  (She’s MUCH better btw.)  A couple of us made the last minute decision to run down to the DFW Fiber Festival.  It was the first time I’ve attended that festival.   It was small but had enough that I’d go again.   The main draw for me was Madeline Tosh.   Brooks Farm was also in attendance and The Shabby Sheep had a booth so packed full it was difficult to maneuver!   lol   I also caught a peek at Franklin Habit.   He was walking by while I was sitting on a bench waiting for the others.   He’s a very cute man!   Anyway, this is what I bought at the Festival:

Two skeins of Madeline Tosh Sport weight in the Baltic colorway.   I really really wanted some Sock but there was none to be had on Saturday.   All of it had sold out on Friday.   😦   I also bought some colorful stitch markers but that was it for my festival purchases.   We went to the Woolie Ewe later.   And this is where I acquired this yarn:

Three skeins of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in the Bittersweet colorway.   Yeah, I know…it has PINK in it but ever since I saw this colorway used in the model Clapotis on Knitty I’ve loved it.   So I now have some!  Yay!

I also bought this:

This is two skeins of Ella Rae Lace in a near solid WARM red!   While I am always attracted to variegated I don’t always like the ‘busy’ pattern it makes.   Solids are almost too boring while knitting even if I do love the end result.   A near solid, well it gives enough interest while knitting that I keep on just to see the shade differences and I always LOVE the result.  

Yesterday Marjie and I made a trip to GY and I picked up this yarn:

Three skeins of Malabrigo Worsted weight in the Lettuce colorway.   My plan is to knit a wrap version of Anne Hanson’s Totally Autumn Afghan.  

I also saw the Ababa Scarf on Ravelry and had to run buy a skein of this:

It’s going to be exciting watching that ball of yarn become a scarf.

So what am I working on now?   A Lacy Baktus with Madeline Tosh Sock I picked up in Tulsa last month:

Not too far yet, as I mentioned awhile back I lost my mojo for a week or so.   I finally have this pattern committed to memory so hopefully it will sail along now.  

I’ve been sewing the past couple of weekends and needless to say this house is not clean.   I took a break to write this post and now the house is calling to me again.   Oh well, I will make sure to get some knitting time this afternoon.   I hope everyone has a great weekend with this gorgeous weather and that you manage to have some peaceful knitting time too!


A Soggy Sunday

April 18, 2010

It has occurred to me that maybe I should change the name of my blog to A Sunday Blogger….lol   That seems to be the only day I blog these days and sometimes I resist the urge to just skip that too. 

Ok, it has rained and rained and I didn’t think I’d complain but I prefer my rainy days during the week and not over the weekend.  

In spite of the rain, I enjoyed a great day yesterday shopping and knitting with a couple of friends.   Somehow I manage to obtain yarn without stepping foot in a shop or clicking online.   Yesterday I ‘obtained’ from Ellen some gorgeous yarn from Crown Mountain Farms.   That also included a partially completed scarf, Ulmus.   It is so warm and soft!  

It’s 60 inches and I think I’ll  add just a few more inches and then start the edging.   Thanks Ellen!

I’ve found a new show I love to watch, Undercover Boss.  I love how a person at the top realizes he/she has lost touch with the employees who make the company.   Most of these episodes are very heart warming.   I can recall two in which there was one shop/store that has an overwhelming business, much more than the average store.   The reason why?   In both of these instances there was one single employee that made that difference.   That employee was the face the customer saw each time they came in.   It amazes me and makes me feel good to see this CEO realize that single person is what makes that location do so well.   Anyway, if you haven’t watched yet, do so.   It is on Sunday evenings on CBS and you can catch up on the website.   I love that show!

Thanks to all who posted care and concern over Lexi.   It took a few days but she seemed to turn a corner on Wednesday.   She is now back to her feisty self to the point of fighting me when it comes pill time.   lol    I’ll take feisty over sick any day of the week.  

Hope your week is filled with lots of knitting!

A Stressful Sunday

April 11, 2010

Lexi had a rough day today (and so did her Mama).    I was in the kitchen and I heard a funny noise almost like someone had spoken.   I turned around and went to see where Lexi was and she was in the extra bedroom.   She had tossed her cookies once and was in the process of doing so a second time.   If she eats too fast or has a furball she’ll do that.   She came out of the bedroom and as I watched her walk she seemed to fall over.   Being a cat she jumped up only to lay down and she went completely limp.  I was watching all this and it took place in about 5 seconds.   I thought she was dying.   About the time she closed her eyes she opened them back up and got up to run hide under the bed.   When she goes under that bed I can’t get her out.   I watched her for about 15 minutes and she threw up two more times.   Then she came out and then threw up two more times.   It was tinged with blood.   I grabbed her and put her in the bathroom (where I CAN get to her) and closed the door.   I pulled on clothes, called the vet’s office, turned off the dishwasher and dryer and grabbed the carrier.   Funny how you can do all of this in less than 10 minutes when under stress but otherwise it takes 30 minutes.   The emergency vet my vet refers to is down I-35 so it took about 20 minutes to get there.   I guess the worst was over by the time I got her in the carrier but I didn’t know that.   The vet said it is hemorragic (sp?) gastritis.   Her blood count was good considering she was sick and the areas that were in the red were because she was sick.   Two shots and some bitter pills and some syrup later and we’re home.   I have to give these pills twice a day and the syrup 3 times a day.   The syrup will last for 3-4 days but the pills will last for over a week.   The vet recommended I change her food to Science Diet.   I tried Science Diet years ago as my other two cats did well on that.   Lexi didn’t like it.   Oh well….it will be rough but it has to change.   I’m glad to report that Lexi seems to be feeling better now.   She’s walking around and meowing.   She let me brush her for quite awhile.   Not back to normal but she is doing much better than earlier today.   Bless her little kitty heart.

ETA:  Added these pictures.  Lexi is feeling much better this afternoon.

Happy Easter!

April 4, 2010

Not much going on here.   I’m working on some secret knitting that I’m not ready to talk about or show.   lol   I know…not fair to mention it and then not talk about it but it is the only way I can get it done before Marjie or Karen.  🙂   I find the patterns, share them and then everyone else knits it before I get a chance (or have the time).   lol   Anyway, I am hoping this will be the cutest hat ever.   There I told you that much.   lol

I met Marjie at Borders today to knit.   Miss Karen decided she had better things to do.  😉   It was all last minute anyway…..the knitting time flew by.   We went to Outback to eat and I was shocked at how few people were there.  

I cast on and started my Lacy Baktus.  I’m using Madeline Tosh Sock in the Grasshopper colorway.   It is almost neon in color but I love my green!  

Not much to talk about today.   Hope you’ve had a good day filled with family, friends and lots of knitting.