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April 29, 2007


I went to Wal-Ma*t yesterday.  I’ve been eyeing this Kitty Kube for a few months now.  You see, Lexi has a secret.  She is terrified of storms.  She is doing somewhat better about the noise but only if I’m home.  Instead of taking cover (which isn’t a bad idea in tornado alley) she hovers under my feet, literally.  She wants to stay on the floor but she wants me touching her.  Lexi was born around June 1st, 1999.  I was living in Tulsa at that time and remember those next few weeks made for a very loud, electrical, stormy time.  Some of those nighttime storms were so loud that the claps of the lightning strikes and the booms of the thunder made me nearly jump out of my skin.  Well, I can only imagine that poor little Lexi was outdoors somewhere in all that activity.  By the time she found me anytime the rain started to fall she was hiding.  Fast forward nearly 8 years and when I first saw this Kitty Kube I thought…that might make for a great hidey hole for Lexi PLUS it could muffle the noise just a bit if I put it in the closet where she likes to hide.


As you can tell she had to give this Kitty Kube a very thorough inspection.  What you don’t see if a pom-pom type ball hanging from the top on a chain.  That was a bit interesting to her for a moment or two.


The bottom line on this Kitty Kube is I may have wasted my money.  lol  She only gets in it if I’m prodding her to do so.  I guess I’ll go put it in the closet so if it gets stormy this week she can run in there and maybe, just maybe, she’ll realize why her mama got it for her.  Keep your fingers crossed.


I have a secret too.  For some reason I can’t seem to be able to throw away yarn ball bands/labels.  I’m afraid I’ll forget what is on them.  Or I’ll find some great use for those bits of cardboard/paper.  I used to let them collect on the desk.  Then I got tired of moving them around to dust and straighten up.  So finally I decided to get a baggie and keep them there.  So now they are still cluttering the top of my desk but I only have ONE bag to pick up and move when it comes dusting time.


Next weekend is retreat for Gourmet Yarn!   Hope to see most of you there.


A Sleepy Sunday

April 27, 2007

I don’t really have anything utterly exciting to blog about today. I’ve kept some later hours this weekend than normal and slept in until 10 this morning. THAT is highly unusual for me but it sure did feel great. I swear getting a new mattress can make some real differences in getting some good sleep. lol

Margaret’s retreat is in a couple of weeks. I’m mentally preparing my list of what I want to take. I love time away and especially when it is spent with knitting friends. If only I could bring Lexi. 🙂

On the knitting front: I’ve been working on socks out of Panda Wool. I love the yarn. It is very soft and cushy. I’ve been on book browsing kick recently and because of that I haven’t made much progress.

I did manage to put a bookcase together that I bought almost a year ago. I need more shelf space for knitting books! My knitting library keeps growing by leaps and bounds it seems.

I have several people comment on my last blog. Some I know by face and a few new people. Hi to Vicki, Carol B. and a Katie other than Prairie Knitter Katie. And thanks to Marjie, Pam, Shelly, Katie (PK), Rebecca, Rosemary, Sue, Sara Susan, Anita, Amanda and Carolyn. I had visits from someone in Israel, Nova Scotia, the UK, Maine, Sacramento, Houston, Atlanta, Virginia and Minnesota also. I think it is so cool to see all the different locations of people who trip onto my blog.

(note: obviously this didn’t publish when I wrote it…lol)


April 27, 2007


Come out come out whoever you are!

April 15, 2007

I started using a tracking program on my blog about a  year ago or so.   I don’t always look at it every day but I do look upon occasion.  I love to see where people are from who take a look at my blog.  The one thing I wished this program did was tell me what type of search newbies use to get here.  Oh well….at least it tells me approximately where they are from!  lol  I have someone in Australia who visits my blog fairly often and apparently just started reading it a few weeks ago.  I have another someone in Colorado who visits my blog several times a week.   It’s not my sister as she doesn’t read blogs at all.  lol  I had someone from Israel several days ago and someone from Japan this weekend.  There is someone around the Tahlequah area who has started visiting my blog a few months ago, another from the Piedmont area.   Most of the hits are people here in Oklahoma primarily in the OKC metro area.  Some I know especially when it says “Pauls Valley”….Hi Marjie!   I can always tell when Terri reads my blog from work.  I can’t say exactly how as I might give away some secret “spy” info.  😉  Other than those two I’m always guessing who it might be.  I can say most of the people who visit in the metro area have Cox as their ISP and the next group has SW Bell!  So anyway, I’d like to ask a favor.  Please leave a comment!! I don’t care if it’s just a hi and you can choose anonymous if you don’t want to go thru the register stuff.  You can sign your name in the comment area…Hi this is Joe!  I have far more visitors than I ever get comments so I would really love to hear from those lurking out there.  🙂

No knitting pictures to show today.  The lovely Anne sock I have been working on for awhile, is frogged.  Those blasted twisted stitches are so easy to do and lovely to look at but a bitch to tink.  So I ripped it out Friday night and have put that yarn aside.  Sometimes yarn isn’t ready to be made into anything and I think the lovely Schaefer Anne wants to remain in a beautiful yarn cake for awhile longer.  I did however cast on a new sock last night out of Panda Wool in the Basil Curry colorway.  Whew! I love that yarn.  The Cascade 220 Tweed Scarf is still coming along.  It’s a little difficult to work on while the flowers and trees are in bloom and green is popping out all over.

I met a tall drink of water today and his twin brother.


I “met” these two gents at North Fork on Memorial  Aren’t they handsome?  I have not eaten at this restaurant since it changed names.  There were so many yummy items on the menu that I’ll definitely be going back to try each one.  Btw, they did keep the fritters and rolls.  Mmmmm those are good.

This is Sara Susan (as Terri has named her).  She had an art show to go to when we were in Gourmet Yarn Saturday.  Doesn’t she look adorable?


This is my favorite bed hog.  I woke up the other morning on the edge of the bed.  She likes to get on the bed by my shoulder and then she stretches across the bed instead of laying lengthwise.  lol  Oh well….she’s getting better about cuddling.


Happy Easter!

April 8, 2007

Last night was another great night at Margaret’s.  She’s looking for a new name for Knit-in since there are crocheter’s also.  She wants to get away from the word “knit” in the title.  That’s a hard concept for some of us to grasp.  lol  She’s had a fair share of suggestions.  I only submitted one and got mocked for that.  Ha!  I guess my suggestion is better than someone who didn’t submit anything at all, huh?  lol  We did have some corny suggestions.  One was rather cute but it referred to the group as a whole instead of the event.  I guess my creative flow isn’t running right now.  Maybe in the midst of a dream I’ll come up with one.  img_0390.jpgimg_0391.jpg

Here’s a couple of shots I managed to take last night before my batteries died.  Terri  is working on her clapotis.  And here is the lovely Linen soaking up some good lovins’ from Jan.  Jan was giving her sweet muzzle some good scratchin at one time and Linen’s back leg started thumping.  lol That’s when you KNOW you’ve hit the right spot!

I’m still knitting on the same sock out of Schaefer Anne.  So no new pics to share.  That’s about all I’ve been working on this past week.

Look!  Twins!!  That’s TWO eggs in the bowl.  Imagine my surprise when one produced two yolks!

Remember Dick and Jane?

April 1, 2007


I decided to have a winding party last week.  Sorry there were no calls made or invitations sent out.  Just me and Lexi winding several skeins of yarn.  I love the look of yarn cake.

When we were in Fort Worth a few weeks ago Karen found this darling shopping bag at the quilt shop.  It’s a Dick and Jane bag.  I tried to resist but caved in obviously and bought one.  It’s so cute I don’t want to use it!  lol  As if I have room to keep a cute shopping bag just for display!  Anyway, here are a few pictures of the bag.  It sure does take me back about &*&*^)^% some odd years.  🙂

I’ve knitted quite a bit this past week but I don’t really have any pictures to show you today.  I’ve gotten to the ribbed section of the Cascade 220 Tweed scarf I’ve been working on.  It draws up nicely although not as narrow as I would prefer but it will have to do.  I had to terminate the Anne sock I was working on last week so I could wash the yarn.  The blue was coming off so much that I didn’t want to knit on it except just before shower time.  lol  So I cut the yarn, put the cuff on a lifeline and rewound the yarn cake into a skein and gave both a bath.  I did that just in time for all the rain so it took a few days and the help of a fan to dry that skein.   I haven’t rewound it yet (or balled it as Terri says) so no progress there.  I’ve restarted the clapotis about 10 times now.  I don’t know if I’ll ever have a project where I cast on, knit and complete without several frogging sessions.  It seems to be a part of my knitting routine.  lol

I had a comment from Ginger asking if the scarf had a different pattern on the back side.  If you are asking about the gray scarf the backside is patterned like the front only it looks like a wrong side.  If you are asking about the Miss Priss scarf I’m knitting for Red Scarf Project that is a seed stitch and it is the same on both sides.

I’ll leave you today with kitty paws: